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June 14th, 2021

TFT Software Testing Services to Maintain 100% Assured Security


In the recent era of technology, the world runs on the internet. Conducting security scans and penetration testing to detect bugs is vital for ensuring the safety and functionality of modern companies. Recognizing the need to prevent cyber attacks and invasions, TFT provides unparalleled Penetration testing and mobile app testing services that guarantee the security of the company. TFT ensures a certified testing procedure for identifying, testing, and repairing high-risk vulnerability gaps and bugs. Such Testing Services exist to shield the company from cyberattacks, as well as to help them retain enforcement and eradicate the cybersecurity risks. These tests are very useful in determining whether a product’s or system’s security policies are really effective. Read ahead to find out more about the paramount services provided by TFT, and their roles in safeguarding companies from alien cyberattacks.

But first, What is TFT?

Think Future Technologies (TFT) offers customers Technology Services, enabling them to achieve improved business gains and safe product optimization. They come in as a dependable partner with complete ownership of the technology. TFT understands the importance of delivering an outstanding experience on one of the most common mobile apps in the world. The TFT team of mobile app testers and penetration testers specializes in offering a variety of resources to ensure that the app launches without hiccups on a million smartphones worldwide. TFT works to promote and backup software efficiency for companies, by outsourcing their expert services. Let’s read about the two major services provided by TFT.

  1. Mobile app testing services-

Mobile app testing refers to the method of testing applications designed for portable mobile devices for reliability, accessibility, and accuracy. It offers a smooth and efficient user experience. Mobile app testing can be done either manually or automatically. Mobile app testing services are essential to maintain the proper functioning of all mobile devices and software applications. TFT’s Mobile App Testing Service includes a user interface that is both seamless and stable and offers high accuracy, speed, and functionality. Companies can avail of mobile app testing services from TFT to promote their brand recognition and rise higher on the hierarchy of top organizations.

What Mobile App Testing Facilities does TFT provide?

TFT mobile app testing ensures aspects such as accuracy, accessibility, performance, and security with a trouble-free user experience. TFT has a variety of android software testing services.

  • Cloud-based software testing allows developers and testers from all around the world to connect and access their devices via the internet. With cloud computing, testers can reach almost any form of device, even those of different operating systems, models, and network providers.
  • TFT also assists customers in invalidating their applications with its team of specialized Functional Testers to ensure that all specifications are met.
  • TFT’s Mobile app monitoring services guarantee that the device responds to the user’s needs by leveraging vulnerabilities and detecting latent defects using Function Analysis.
  • TFT’s practical analysis program assists in the testing of the full suite of product offerings, including online apps, smartphone apps, and distributed platforms with mobile functionality, desktop devices, and computer utilities and applications.

Generally, TFT offers mobile app testing services like unit testing, smoke testing, user acceptance testing, interface testing, and usability testing. TFT also offers Performance Testing, Testing Under Load, Volume Stress Testing, and other services.

Scalability checking, code analysis, and optimization are also part of the process.

  1. Penetration testing services –

TFT’s Penetration Testing Services are intended to assist companies in protecting themselves against cyber-attacks and unwanted entry. Recognizing the gravity of a security breach and the damage it can do to company software, TFT experts work with several years of experience and accredited expertise in Cybersecurity to ensure that companies and their business is safe from hackers, and all the more fruitful! TFT’s

TFT has a fantastic team of highly qualified and experienced QA developers who can ensure that the company is hack-proof. Penetration testing services can be Manual or automated, depending on root, requirement and time-periods.

Generally, TFT offers penetration testing services like Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT), Web Application Penetration Testing, Mobile App Penetration Testing, Network VAPT, IoT Penetration Testing, Social Engineering Penetration Testing, etc.

Why avail penetration testing and mobile app testing services from TFT?

These services are used to protect the product from malicious actors that can obtain unauthorized access. The following are some of the most important reasons to use penetration testing services on your product.

  • It successfully improves processes by analyzing technological bugs and other weaknesses.
  • It detects security flaws in a device or program.
  • It reduces the possibility of cybersecurity breaches and prevents bugs before hackers may manipulate them.
  • It reviews the organization’s security strategies and determines if they are really successful.

So if you are looking for an outsourcing testing company that guarantees assured results in less time and in a cost-effective manner, TFT is your ultimate destination. TFT ensures that your software snags are neutralized through an expert team of security testers and that your company software remains safe, productive, and successful!

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