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August 27th, 2020

TFT’s long-term partnership with Cnvrg.io opens the door to industry-leading solutions in data science


Business partnerships between companies can fuel the growth goals of both the entities and lead to better outcomes. Apart from the various benefits derived out of shared resources, knowledge, and expertise, partnerships between companies open up new opportunities for driving business value. Furthermore, partnerships can scale up productivity, drive innovation, expand geographical reach, extend product lines, and improve profitability.

The collaboration between TFT and Cnvrg.io substantiates most of the points mentioned above. Being one of the leading tech service providers, TFT has partnered with Cnvrg.io, a couple of years ago. The partnership has opened up improved outcomes for both the companies and is expected to have further growth in the future.

This blog dives deep into the collaboration between both the entities and how it has improved the growth expectations. Let’s start with an introduction to both the companies.

Think Future Technologies (TFT) – a prominent technology service provider

Think Future Technologies (TFT) is one of the top-level technology service providers from India with a global presence. The company works on building advanced tech solutions for enterprises. It offers a wide range of services, such as including top engineering talent, end-to-end product engineering, and technology within an enterprise. It thrives as a leading company providing services in software testing, mobile development, web application, and more. TFT has also proven its expertise in QA, QTP, Framework, Selenium, Flex/Flash, RIA, Full-stack Development, DevOps, IoT Development, Automation Security, Industrial IoT, Big Data, UX/UI, among other services.

TFT was founded in 2006 and now a certified CMMI Level-3 service provider. Within five years of its inception, it was featured in Deloitte’s Top 50 Leading Tech Companies. It became a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in 2013. It is a certified member of the Indo-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Besides, it is one of the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) members.

In its fourteen years of service, the company has garnered attention from globally leading organizations such as Etsy, Facebook, Sony, Caviar, Intel, Fitbit, Geeks for Geeks, Bugcrowd, and more. It has contributed largely to highlight the security vulnerabilities in their systems. The client portfolio of TFT includes famous names such as American Greetings, Beam, Connectoo, Linkury, MakeMeReach, muzic.io, and others.

Cnvrg.io – a leading data science solution provider

Headquartered in Jerusalem and New York, Cnvrg.io is one of the most renowned start-ups in the software automation industry. The full-stack data science platform developed by Cnvrg.io helps enterprises manage data science projects efficiently.

This end-to-end machine learning platform allows enterprises to manage, build, and automate machine learning projects effectively with one unified solution. It streamlines data science workflows that include development, production, research, information collection, code writing, and model optimization.

Cnvrg.io helps companies speed up innovation and create high-impact ML models. The platform is used by various companies across the world – from Fortune 500 to start-ups. Given its scalability and collaborative environment, it helps data scientists find solutions to complex business problems quickly and efficiently. The platform is widely used by companies across sectors – automotive, manufacturing, e-commerce, finance, gaming, and more.

Starting as a client

TFT’s engagement with Cnvrg.io started in 2018. Initially, TFT was hired as a UI integration service provider by Cnvrg.io. Besides completing the new UI integration for Convrg.io, the expert team at TFT has further offered their services to implement new features, discover bugs, and fix it for the platform.

In the second year, TFT was approached for QA and software testing by Cnvrg.io. With proven excellence in software testing for more than a decade, the team at TFT was able to deliver top-notch testing services for the platform. TFT has developed manual testing and automation scripts for the Cnvrg.io platform. The testing was completed on SDK and CLI as well. Currently, TFT takes pride in its capability to handle all the QA tasks for Cnvrg.io, one of the leading data science solution providers for enterprises.

How Cnvrg.io helps TFT deliver improved ML solutions?

TFT has been at the forefront of implementing business use cases built on automated and ML-based models enabling organizations to achieve operational excellence, improve productivity, and drive innovation. Subsequent to the association with Cnvrg.io, TFT leverages the Cnvrg.io platform to develop AI and ML solutions for its clients.

The talent and expertise of the ML team at TFT have formed the right blend with the sophisticated data science platform by Cnvrg.io. By taking advantage of the platform, TFT delivers top-notch solutions intending to accelerate the growth prospects of its clients.

Given the excellent automation features of Cnvrg.io, TFT creates efficient ML pipelines depending on the client’s requirement. Cnvrg.io allows users to build easy to understand ML pipelines, which include visual depictions too. It enables rapid experimentation for enterprises, thanks to its hyperparameter search capabilities.

Furthermore, Cnvrg.io allows for instant deployment of AI models with autoscale, as well as built-in monitoring capabilities. By leveraging the hyperspeed deployment features of Cnvrg.io, TFT has been able to help its clients address various business challenges quickly and effectively.

A win-win partnership

The collaboration between TFT and Cnvrg.io has been beneficial for both entities in multiple ways. The technical expertise and efficiency of the TFT team have been advantageous for Cnvrg.io in building standardized and bug-free solutions. On the other hand, TFT is currently using the Cnvrg.io platform to build excellent AI and ML solutions for its clients.

The partnership has improved the business opportunities for both TFT and Cnvrg.io, setting up another example of a successful collaboration. Given the core capabilities of the duo, we can expect more tech-enabled solutions with advanced features aimed at helping enterprises harness the power of AI and ML further.

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