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December 14th, 2020

The Main Pitfalls of Mobile App Development You Should Know


A mobile application can be called successful if the existing clients are satisfied with its functionality, and the potential audience can’t resist the beautiful design and the options it provides. So, any application now must be just flawless. There’s a large number of similar apps with the same purposes, that differ only in the shape of buttons and the interface color, but they are all doomed to remain in the shadow of José apps that stand aside in their uniqueness and user-friendliness. Indeed, every company desires to have the best application ever. So, what happens in the process of development that doesn’t allow them to reach their dream? Mobile App development is a complicated process that combines a lot of skills to be used during the process, and a lot of small but crucial factors to be taken into account. In other words, many apps fail to be flawless due to several pitfalls that can occur before, during, and after the development phase.

1) Failure to follow the project scope

The process of application development must have pre-planned deadlines, like any other project. The same situation is with the cost of development. Make sure you have provided all the necessary information, requirements and made the expectations clear for the developer, and what is even more important, you are not going to cane your mind every single time you check the intermediary results. How to develop an app is the responsibility of the company or the individuals you hire. That’s why make sure they are capable to finish the work without violation of the deadlines and the cost they have announces. Check their expertise, ask for the record of proved experience in similar projects. So, on one hand, you have to remain steady in your expectation. On the other hand, the development team must foresee every single cost and time-planning component before they start the development process.

2) Failure of the first impression

Always think like your audience, and always be ready to accept that all the plans and predictions about the audience’s feedback may go wrong. Many companies think they know better, so instead of making the application easy and comfortable to use, they overload it with additional functionality or, even worse, in their struggles to market make the app unique, turn them into something absolutely complicated. In other words, it happens that the owners of the app just want to prove to themselves and the entire world they know better. Never forget about the magic of the first impression, when the user opens the app for the first time. A positive first impression is key to your app’s success. So, make it happen, first of all by creating a friendly interface. Avoid making the sees register or log in at the very beginning of the app usage. It will certainly disappoint many of them. In most cases, before tasting a new dish, you look at its design, smell it, try to cut it with the knife to check the texture, and only then put a small piece of it into your mouth. The applications are like new dishes on the menu. Let the audience analyze them, and try in practice only when they feel they are ready.

3) Failure to make the app user-friendly

You must understand that every color you choose for the application interface should be relevant to the concept of this digital product. The structure of the buttons, their location, and functionality must be logical and free of chances ‏to make the audience confused. Everything must be completely comprehensible and easy, starting with the app opening and the login process. Avoid too complicated registration forms. Many companies use the forms to collect as much information about the client as possible, but make sure the process of filling in the form won’t make them irritated or annoyed enough to quit. Besides, provide the audience with total freedom in the process of registration. Don’t limit them to the telephone number or email address alone. But at the same time, don’t overuse the importance of social media accounts. If your clients use the app for work, they might find it irrelevant to register via a personal social media account. So, the more options you give, the more relaxed the audience feel about the app. Think about the users with disabilities or special needs, make sure they will also find your app easy to use. Avoid very small fonts and color schemes that may lead to confusion.

4) Failure to use the new codes

To get a general idea of how the process of application development is conducted, In general, choosing the development team, make sure they are professional enough to make up your project on a good level and they are also sincere and accurate in their work. The main pitfalls about the developers are that sometimes they reuse the codes to cut on the time of development. This fact can cause a lot of problems. And it’s really difficult to control, as not all of us possess even basic knowledge in programming. The danger of the old codes restage is that this practice can turn even a theoretically flawless application into a functionally useless combination of technological garbage.

5) Failure to define the post-development phase issues

Plan the process of collecting feedback in advance, and all of the related time and cost management. As it is often said, the main problems can start when you finally finish the process of web development. Any application, look absolutely perfect at first glance, maybe still very rough and need some changes and improvements. So, ask your development team to plan feedback collection measures to implement any necessary changes as soon as possible to avoid the launch failure. Define the testing process and application piloting properly, to know how much it will cost you even before you have started. Predict all the technical risks related to the functionality or a platform choice.

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