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February 24th, 2022

Top Back-End Web Development Tools That You Need To Know In 2022


Backend engineering is focused on working with the server side and all that connects between the web browser and database. It ensures that the web-based application is able to perform well with fast loading speed. In addition, backend developers are always monitoring and organizing data in databases to secure it.

Since the backend handles the requests of users via the frontend, it is essential that web developers choose the best backend technology to help develop a strong web-based application.

Technology keeps evolving and so do websites. There are more options and tools available to companies who want to build excellent websites. The backend developers who handle the server side for the application, are able to use an abundance of tools to help them improve and give the user the best experience. .

Here are 6 back-end web development tools that every web developer needs to know in 2022:

  1. Python

Another language popular for development of backends, particularly at present one of them is Python. The language is a high level general-purpose programming language which supports various programming paradigms, including object-oriented, Procedural, and Functional. Instagram, Spotify, Google, etc. are just a few of the well-known platforms that use Python to build their tech stacks. Python offers many amazing features like an extensive library of support, ease of connection to other languages, GUI Programming support, compatibility with current technologies, and more. Additionally, Python has a very simple syntax that comes with more readable code that makes it much easier to learn and to use. A few of the most famous Python web frameworks tnclude Django, Flask, etc.

  1. Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails is a preferred choice for developers. Although it will require some degree of quality code however, it’s generally simple to understand, write and monkey patch to test, maintain and deploy, which makes it a dream come true for anyone who is a web developer.

Rails is, as it’s acknowledged in the industry, used in a variety of server-side applications that include well-known brands such as Square, Hulu, Twitch and Shopify. It’s a highly-rated framework as it has frameworks for websites, pages and databases from the beginning with a lot less configuration than other solutions.

Rails is the ideal choice for those seeking a powerful but user-friendly tool. It does so using an uncomplicated design language, features an intuitive user interface and is able to seamlessly connect to third-party applications.

  1. Node Package Manager (NPM)

Node Package Manager is a NodeJS package manager that was launched at the end of 2009, as an Open-Source project that aims to facilitate sharing code modules to JavaScript developers. The Node Package Manager Registry currently hosts more than 1 million packages, making it the most popular software registry.

You can find everything from web applications with front-end functionality to routers and robots in just a quick search. There’s not one working web developer that hasn’t employed npm at one point or another. With the move to GitHub the already vibrant npm community will only grow.

  1. Meteor.JS

Meteor.js is a no-cost and open-source full-stack isomorphic framework (meaning it is able to run both client-side as well as server side). While it’s not as well-known as React, it is considered to be one of the top options for developers to develop and launch online desktop, mobile or desktop applications in a short time.

One of the main benefits of Meteor is the ease of connecting with your stack of technology and lets you concentrate on creating rather than configuring tools to work in tandem. Meteor APM also provides real-time metrics that allow you to track how your app is performing.

Meteor is a great alternative that boasts more than fifty million individual installations and is being used by companies such as Ikea, Qualcomm, and Honeywell.

  1. Laravel

Laravel is very popular because it comes with a variety of object-oriented libraries , as well as libraries that are pre-installed that are not available in other PHP frameworks.

So far, we’ve looked at JavaScript in addition to CSS frameworks. With PHP’s growing popularity and popularity, it’s appropriate to incorporate a foundational component to this programming language. Laravel is a good choice for this, since many developers use it because of its syntax and its environment.

It’s better to think of Laravel as an entire ecosystem since it comes with a variety of tools to aid in the creation of projects. Even if you’re not using all of the framework’s features however, you can make use of the Laravel Homestead which is an environment for local development that is powered by Vagrant. Laravel is an open source Docker-based PHP framework accessible through an interface for command line (CLI) known as Sail. With Laravel, you can, for instance, make use of it as a full stack framework, as an API frontend that is used by Next.js applications or a mix of both.

  1. WordPress

WordPress is PHP’s based blogging application. It’s trendy and has millions of paid and free users. It’s a great platform for hosting websites. It also allows you to host your website on your server by using PHP/MySQL.

It is among the top web-based developer tools, this program allows you to build a website for a business as an information management system (CMS). It has a WYSIWYG Text Editor, collaborative editing, many writers, search engine-friendly URLs, static pages Trackback/Pingback and login and registration for members.

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