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June 22nd, 2022

Top Test Automation Predictions of 2022


According to a survey, the global market for automation testing services is projected to increase from USD 20.7 billion by 2021 and the USD 49.9 billion in 2026 at a Compound Annual rate (CAGR) that is 19.2 percent during the forecast time.

The growth of the software industry is never as fast as it is now! Since companies realise the fact that “digital-first” means the only way forward, demand for high-quality software will increase over the next few years. Continuous innovation and advancement within the IT sector have resulted in the creation of brand new automated testing techniques that increase the efficiency of software testing and guarantee the speedy delivery of top-quality applications to provide an improved user experience.

After reviewing the most recent technological advancements and analysing the latest market trends, we have identified four important trending areas for automation testing services which will transform the way that software testing is conducted this year.

1. Concentrate on AI and testing using ML

The global artificial intelligence (AI) software market is projected to be worth $62.5 billion in 2022. This is increasing by 21.3 percent over 2021. -Gartner

In light of the growing acceptance and adoption of AI and ML in nearly every business sector, companies are now making use of AI and ML to enhance their quality assurance procedures. We believe that this will greatly improve the practices of testing software like it has changed the field of development for applications. In the end there will be a huge need for top-quality AI/ML-based testing automation tools.

What are the uses instances for AI for Test Automation?

  • The creation of test cases and case information that is specific to a specific module.
  • Identifying any defects or leaks during testing.
  • In predicting the test coverage, even before tests.
  • Resiliency is increasing for testing assets.
  • The test maintenance effort can be reduced dramatically.

What are the use instances for ML within Test Automation?

Techniques of ML can be utilised to assess the effectiveness of automation in testing.

2. API for automated testing

IoT (Internet of Things) technology has been in use for a long time. According to a new Statista report, by 2030 around 50 billion IoT devices are expected to be used across the globe which will result in a huge internet of interconnected devices that spans everything from kitchen appliances to smartphones. The demand for IoT-connected gadgets and wearables rises from smart thermostats to Alexa and smart TVs and light bulbs. It is crucial to test them thoroughly. The majority of the information that is shared by IoT devices is private as well as sensitive so it is vital to secure the data prior to transmitting it via web-based channels. One way to detect the dangers associated with IoT gadgets is by testing them with an API, not using tools built for browsers. Therefore, 2022 will witness an enormous requirement in tests using APIs.

3. The QAOps of DevOps

Software test managers and QA are frequently under pressure to speed up the release time of software. In some cases, to meet deadlines, they could speed up the testing process , and then inadvertently test software that could create a negative value to the production. These mistakes can hurt businesses over the long term. This has led to the development of QAOps.

The name implies that QAOps is a reference to the process of QA (Quality Assurance) and the term DevOps (Development and Operations).

QAOps guarantees speedy speeds and the highest quality. It’s a revolutionary method that has been in use in the market over the last few years. However, the demand for it is expected to increase in 2022 since teams are pressured to develop high-quality software within the fastest turnaround time. QAOps will let organisations integrate Quality Assurance (QA) into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) right from the start. Utilising QAOps technology, the QA team within an organisation can provide advice and review the future development cycles, spot problems earlier, address them when they occur and speed up the development process without compromising the quality.

4. Tools for automation based on NLP are being considered

What’s better than writing test-related scripts written in human-like language that can be easily read by computers? Indeed, the possibility of scriptless test automation made possible by NLP (Natural Language Processing) is an ideal dream for testers and the QA department. It lets testers create test scripts that are written in natural languages without the limitations or complexity associated with traditional automated testing. Test automation using NLP can be utilised to improve models-based testing. It can also convert basic English texts into test scripts. Test automation tools that use NLP can simplify and make testing more accessible. With a low learning curve, they allow project managers to actively contribute to QA and automation of tests.

According to the World Quality Report, “Options like self-healing capabilities will continue to grow slowly, and there’s no doubt that these capabilities are an exciting future for automation. Although the possibilities are huge, we know that these tools aren’t mature enough. .”

As we move into 2022, the booming story of automation of tests continues. It is essential for businesses to look at these trends and be cautious when they look over their tools for testing and capabilities before investing time and money into something completely new.

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