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July 15th, 2019

Upcoming AR Trends that will Revolutionize Technology


AR is already a very popular trend amongst many different industries. However, it is becoming more common with every passing day. Augmented Reality is part of almost every field now. However, technologies like these ask of you to have access to blazing speed Internet to make the full out of them. Is 100 Mbps fast enough to cater to your AR needs, you ask? Well, this is a valid question. Rest assured, 100 Mbps should do justice. Now let us see what are all the areas and the upcoming AR trends that will revolutionize technology.

Mobile AR Disruption

If there is any device that will lead AR to its boom, it’s mobile. This is because it is easier for people to deploy the AR technology on their mobiles than it is for them to use VR. Because the latter requires the use of headsets. The fact that one can use AR on devices that he carries in his pocket, makes it easy for people to make use of this ultra-technology. The word AR should not give you an impact that the technology is expensive to use. In fact, thanks to tools like ARKit and ARCore, using AR is much more affordable now then it was before. As consumers become more and more acquainted with this technology, the use of it in our daily lives is becoming easier. Businesses are making use of AR quite a lot now as well.

Marketing and Advertising

A number of brands made use of AR for their advertising campaigns in the past. This is a rather favorite technology amongst the marketers and advertisers to incorporate in their campaigns. Because AR gives a personalized experience to the consumer. Moreover, it facilitates an increase in both brand recognition and consumer engagement. Some of the most prominent companies making use of AR in their campaigns include IKEA.

Manufacturing Industry

This might sound a bit strange, but AR is also making rounds in the manufacturing industry. Hence, revolutionizing it. Ever since IoT found its way in the manufacturing industry because of the intelligent objects now available for the masses, AR climbed the ladder of success in the manufacturing industry as well. Hence, allowing individuals to view objects that present a rich set of data.

Not only do tools like Industrial AR platforms help the manufacturers to visualize a data set, but these tools also help them with the physical labor jobs. For example, if a client wants to get a part repaired, the AR content placed on that part of the object will help the manufacturers to show the final outcome to the client.


Healthcare is another sector that AR is revolutionizing. In fact, AR has already brought about the most unexpected changes in the world of healthcare through telemedicine. For those of you who are not aware of the concept, telemedicine allows you to receive consultation from a specialist without being physically present in the same room as him.

This not only helps the patients but facilitates the doctors as well. Because AR allows them to carry out the therapy sessions remotely as well. Thus, making it convenient for both the patient as well as the doctor.


It seems like the battle between the teachers and students over bringing smartphones to the classroom can finally be settled. AR allows students to learn in a very interesting and fun way. This is beneficial for both the students as well as the instructors because the latter learn better in this way. In fact, new apps make it easy for students to learn in a way that engages them.

Apps like JigSpace let the kids explore virtual 3D models. Hence, making it fun to learn about them. In this way, the students grasp more and retain it for a longer time as well.

Grocery Shopping

Software companies are now working on developing apps that allow consumers to have a look at real-time information regarding products. The companies are trying to make use of in-store tracking and computer vision to make this possible.

Whatever the case may be, you will need to have access to the high-speed Internet if you choose to incorporate AR in any of the above-mentioned ways. However, high-speed does not mean expensive too. You can have a look at Spectrum Internet Only price or you can read details about packages offered by other companies. Rest assured, once you start incorporating AR in your daily lives, you will experience life in a different yet fun way.

Therefore, get ready to welcome this unique technology as it makes its way into our routine matters.

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