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November 7th, 2019

Why Mostly Android Developer Consider Flutter App Development?


Businesses in modern times are busy using almost every mobile app development technology. Today, several app development frameworks fulfill all-round expectations, make the development process more agile, give high-performance, smooth UI/UX, and increase the scalability. 

Before the coming of cross-platform technologies, native app development was in full motions. Native app development leads to making individual apps for Android and iOS, while the cross-platform use single codebase.

Drawn by the observations in cross-platform frameworks like React Native; now, more advanced mobile app development using Flutter development services is hailing in the mobile app development world.

Among the race of Native vs. Cross-Platform, Flutter app development services in the USA are far more prominent and loud. Both Android and Flutter are developed by Google!

Furthermore, Android mobile app development with Flutter is managing both Native and Cross-Platform. Thus, we have decided to tell you the significant reasons why the dedicated Android app developers consider Flutter development services best for their work.

Recent Achievements in Flutter App Development

But, before we jump to the reasons, let’s take a look at some of the recent achievements of Flutter mobile app development technology.

Some Stats About Flutter And Its Usage

Actually, Android app development was initially started in Android INC. But then was bought by Google in 2005. Then 12 years after, Google launched the first SDK of Flutter in 2017.

In the current times, mobile app development companies are looking for options to make the best rich-in features mobile apps in a short time and minimum investment. Flutter for app development is perfect not only for Android but for iOS too!

Flutter was released with the latest MWC and open-source packages that use Google’s own programming language-DART. Therefore, a single unique codebase can work for Android as well as for iOS.

Let’s check out some interesting facts of Flutter as follows:

  • There are 200 million+ users of Flutter made apps
  • On Google’s Playstore, there exist 3000+ Flutter apps
  • Flutter is 34th most popular software repo in GitHub
  • There are more than 3,00,000+ developers who use Flutter for app development

Seeing these stats, we can only say that in a short span of 2.5 years since launch, Flutter has opened a broad market for itself. Moreover, making mobile app development using Flutter easier.

“In recent years, after React Native, Xamarin, and AgularJS, Flutter is regularly delivering fast and reliable mobile app solutions for the businesses.”

In case, somewhere in your mind, if you are planning to enter in startup arena of IT industries, then you have the golden opportunity to start the best Flutter App Development Company in the USA or anywhere.

Otherwise, if you want some mobile app development company to hire you as an Android developer, then go and start learning Flutter!

Listed below are some of the top reasons that tell us in brief why Mobile app development companies now prefer to choose Flutter over other cross-platform app development frameworks.

Tech Stack Of Flutter

Flutter and Android differ technically. Flutter uses DART programming language (developed by Google) & native Android app development use Java or Kotlin.

For app development in Android, Android Studio IDE is also a good option, but the Flutter code can be written on lightweight editors like Sublime Text, Atom, Vim, and IntelliJ IDEA.

Native apps in Java and Kotlin are slick & fast. However, as the Flutter uses DART, it has everything that is required for native app development. 

UI Elements

Front-end app developers invest their most of the time in developing UI. Most of the app development companies use Android Studio to create fast and powerful UI. 

Same as in the FlutterUI engine, the framework comes with proper documentation, power features of animation, drawing, and printing. However, Flutter acts differently as it uses widgets to build complex UIs.

Therefore, many consider FlutterUI engine a tree of stateful widgets that are pixel perfect. Hence, the UIKit of mobile app development with Flutter is always good-to-go with Android app developers.

Flutter Solves The Backend & Frontend Problem

Android developers face problems while shaping the backend and front layout. Flutter’s reactive framework brushes aside the need to get references to the widgets.

On the other hand, it facilitates a single language to structure backend. That’s why Flutter is the best app development framework in the 21st century to be used by Android developers.

Boost Productivity

Other Android app development platforms take a long time to develop an application.

But, Flutter features like ‘Hot restart’ and ‘Stateful hot reload’ overcome the above problem. Now the Android app developers can check the changes in apps in a short time. This increases productivity and reduces time consumption by 30%.

High Animation Speed

Flutter simplifies and optimizes all types of animation patterns that are used in mobile apps. In fact, Flutter for Android developers loads animation at a high speed of 60FPS. For both backend and frontend development of the application, Flutter is a boon that eradicates all problems and gives the best mobile application development services in the app world.

Flutter Plays Well With Backend And Layout

Native Android has a separate layout, and Kotlin/Java files give references to the dedicated Android developers who then make backend files.

While Flutter app development services require a single language to design and backend. Hence, creating applications with Flutter saves more time.

If you are looking to invest in a top Flutter app development company in the USA, then don’t take your steps back as the DART language is going to shine as the best programming language.

DART has a scope of improvement while Java and other languages has very less. Thus, invest carefully after judging all the new and old mobile app development technologies.

Presence of a thriving community

Flutter hasn’t shined yet in the app development sector, but it has a strong online community. Therefore, the Android developers using this SDK for the first time had to never worry about inputs, tricks, tips while working.

Code Magic CI Tool

In 2018, during the Flutter Live event, Google introduced a highly sophisticated, open-source, and well-optimized CI tool called Code Magic.

The tool works well with Flutter, makes the app development process seamless, and is free. Flutter has grown in leaps and bounds because with less tireless efforts and support from the Flutter app development services team, it is easy creating an app. 

Moreover, with the launch of Flutter 1.2 and Dart 2.2 in February, people or call Flutter users have started using it more. Additionally, the trend will continue in the near future!

But, let’s not make any huge assumptions. Still, Flutter is quite a stir in the mobile application development industry, especially in Android. Thus, learn Flutter to be hired as android app developer in Flutter development services.


Flutter emerges as a game-changer for Android developers, streamlining app creation with a unified codebase and boosting productivity through innovative features. TFT invites you to explore the world of Flutter, harnessing its potential for robust mobile app development.

Join TFT to dive into the realm of Flutter-powered solutions, empowering your journey to create exceptional apps and embrace the future of Android development.


1. Is Flutter suitable for complex app development projects?

Yes, Flutter’s robust features make it ideal for intricate app development, ensuring efficiency and scalability.

2. Can Flutter apps achieve native-like performance?

Indeed, Flutter’s optimized codebase enables high-performance apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

3. How does Flutter enhance developer productivity?

Flutter’s ‘Hot reload’ feature allows instant code changes, accelerating development and refining UI in real-time.

4. Does Flutter offer comprehensive support for UI design?

Absolutely, Flutter’s rich widget library empowers developers to craft intricate and visually appealing interfaces effortlessly.

5. Is Flutter suitable for startups or small-scale app projects?

Certainly, Flutter’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and single codebase make it an excellent choice for startups and smaller projects.

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