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October 19th, 2023

Why Opt for Golang? The Benefits of Choosing Golang for Your Project


In this burgeoning era of advanced software development, the array of programming languages continues to flourish. Among them, Golang has acquired notable prominence. The popularity of Golang has surged in recent years due to its unique benefits. The simplicity and potency of this language harness the Golang developers to swiftly build web applications, cloud, and networking services, conspicuously curbing the development time compared to other languages. 

Now, let’s see; what is Golang, in detail:

The Golang Language, an open-source programming language, was developed by the Google team in cooperation with other contributors in 2009. The foremost objective of Go-language was to strengthen the accessibility of software development, specifically for intricate architectural and operational tasks. 

Golang promises code efficiency and quick performance for corporate software and apps. Big companies have hired Golang developers, recognizing the significance of lean and efficient coding.  

Here’s a list of those companies: 

  • Golang
  • Apple
  • Uber
  • Docker
  • Twitch
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Netflix
  • The New York Times 
  • BBC

Golang programming language offers the given Solutions:

  • Accelerated compilation and swift development. 
  • Magnify code clarity and documentation. 
  • Offer a high degree of language consistency. 
  • Simplifying program version control. 
  • Enabling Multi-language development process.
  • Streamlining dependency maintenance for easier upkeep. 
  • Abolish the requirement to manage various language subsets within a single project. 

Want more reasons for choosing Go-Language for your next project?

Here’s a checklist of the benefits of hiring Golang developers for your projects: 

Key Advantages of Golang  

Read the exquisite advantages of the Golang programming language:  

  • Excellent Scalability

The remarkable capability of Golang to support concurrency through lightweight Goroutines has made it the perfect language for backend developers. Golang has efficient scaling power and responsiveness in handling numerous concurrent processes. Mere 2KB memory can be consumed with Goroutines that offer a non-blocking execution to all the Golang engineers. It has gained a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of the program, where the memory-intensive Java threads highlight the lean and mean approach of Golang that further enables the software development team to perform exceptionally.

  • Accessibility for Easy Learning 

Adopting Golang, known for its simplicity and accessibility, is an easy learning curve. Software engineers with a strong background in languages like C or Java can learn to Go quickly, even though the keywords and syntax may differ significantly. Golang adheres to a procedural approach that programmers can quickly grab and learn.

  • Exceptional Speed 

After hiring Golang developers, code translation into processor-friendly format is conducted in Go-language, whereas these codes are translated into bytecode for virtual machine execution in Java. Smaller and more agile companies mostly use Golang’s streamlined process to gain inherent speed over languages like Java and Python. Moreover, Golang can accelerate the pace of task completion, ramp up service availability, and bolster reliability.

  • Expand Talent Pool

Go is the coveted programming language that has now compelled companies to recognize the advantages of employing Golang in their operations, leading to a surge in programmers brushing up their skills and knowledge. Incorporating language in the software strategies is best for expanding the talent pool and enhancing the likelihood of hiring proficient programmers in this language.

  • Robust Programming Toolset

While acquiring development tools for your team, you will encounter no challenges as an open-source endeavor. A wide range of editors, IDEs (Integrated development environments), and plugins for Golang can be accessible from the GitHub repository for the users. Additionally, an array of cloud-based IDEs is available to support Go. 

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Closing Thoughts 

Golang is a versatile web programming language that combines seamless functionalities and performs all the functions other languages do separately. It is excellently excelling in monitoring logs, automating Twitter posts, and efficiently managing concurrent data streams from diverse users.  

The inception of Golang in the programming world is a surprise for software engineers. The way Go has reigned over the programming landscape is commendable. It has reshaped businesses by enhancing their scalability and optimizing their operations effectively. Transition to Go can drive the fastest and most optimized results for businesses. 

So, if you want to hire a Golang Developer for your new project, head to TFT, a bridge between tech-savvies and potential clients, to get Go-language developers at competitive rates. We can provide you with the best Golang programmers to assist you in web development, streamlining, and refining the mobile apps crucial for the company’s success.

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