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Healthcare Software Solutions

Teleconsulting Application

As the world battles Covid-19, social distancing is emerging as the most potent weapon in this fight. At TFT, we have designed an application to ensure that the healthcare providers are within the reach of their patients.

We offer a stable and scalable native platform that is highly customizable. Healthcare organizations can integrate the solution seamlessly with their Hospital Information System (HIS). The solution is production-ready.

AI-based Fever Detection

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, there is a need to swiftly screen and identify individuals suffering from fever. TFT has come up with a smart artificial intelligence (AI) based solution that is accurate, time-saving as well as lifesaving. We use Infrared/Thermal cameras to detect and alert automatically if someone is suffering from fever. The system can be merged with a lot of other applications (like attendance/leave management, facial recognition, intruder detection). The solution is deployment-ready and can be integrated for use on any existing or new IR camera.


Healthcare Use Cases

  • Speech to text (For Doctor notes)
  • Security solutions/ Data anonymization
  • Fever Detection and alerting using existing IR infrastructure
  • PPE Kit detection
  • Automated Payroll system based on FR (& RPA)
  • Digitizing documents using OCR/ICR tech
  • Smart Pharmacy solutions
  • Automated medical billing and insurance processing
  • Bed monitoring using FR solution to track the number of times patient has been attended and for how long
  • Fitness tracking solutions
  • Streamlining online appointment scheduling
  • Healthcare AI chatbots – Providing and confirming referrals, performing patient satisfaction surveys, helping customers book appointments and follow-ups, and paying bills

What technologies can drive healthcare?

Artificial intelligence
Robotic Process Automation


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