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October 7th, 2020

The Different Types of Software Testing In 2020


Software testing is a method that helps in assuring if your code is working properly. It is the practical way of finding out if the results are worth your expectations. Methodologically, there are several types of software testing that you can use in 2020.

Understanding Testing – Manual Vs. Automated

It is necessary to examine the difference between manual testing and automated testing. For the first type, a person manually interacts with the software through proper tools. It is costly because of the tools and setup it requires.

Automated machines carry the other type of testing. It is performed by using a machine that tests a code written in advance. However, both types depend on manually coded scripts.

Different Types of Testing

Enlisted below are some popular software testing types you can use in 2020.

Unit Testing

It is a low-level software test close to the source of an application designed. Under these tests, several modules, classes, and components of the software are tested. Everyone can afford unit testing. Also, it winds up quickly by using a continuous integration server.

End-To-End Testing

Generally, end-to-end testing is a simple method to check if your software is up to the mark. It includes a simple check of the application by loading a webpage or logging into an account. Also, it is used for verifying complex conditions of the software. Nevertheless, this type gets expensive when automated. Individuals prefer end-to-end tests only when there is no other option.

Integration Testing

SQA professionals use integration testing to verify if every module of the software is working properly. It is basically used to check the interaction of the database. People find these tests expensive as they demand various parts of the application running together.

Functional Testing

Most often, business applications need this type of testing. It tests the final results of your software and skips the intermediate lines of code. Often people confuse between integration and functional tests. It is because both of these depend on numerous components. The easiest way to differentiate is by finding a particular value from the database. This value results only under functional testing.

Performance Testing

Professionals use performance testing to examine the application under load. The steps in this testing are non-functional. These can be used to verify if the software is reliable, available, and stable. Remember, performance testing can cost you a fortune. However, it is the best way to analyze if your system requires an upgrade.

Acceptance Testing

Majorly, acceptance testing is the key step to verify if the software is smart enough to satisfy its business requirements. It demands the entire software to be running at the same time for checking durability and performance. The test replicates user behavior to find how the application works under load. Interestingly, it is an advanced version of testing and quickly rejects any change in the software if it fails to meet system requirements.

Smoke Testing

For checking the basic functions of the software, smoke testing is preferable. It is a quick testing type that assures if major features of an application are performing accurately. Professionals use smoke testing right after the development of a new application to make sure if it is worthy of more expensive tests or not.

Final Words

Keep in mind, the goal of testing is to identify if users can rely on your software or not. It is necessary to test every good and bad aspect of the application to make sure how it acts. Remember, software tests are also lines of code. Therefore, go under a code review as these tests decide the future of your software.

Author bio: Steve Martin is a Professional Content Writer and Digital Marketer. Also working with Couponado | online discount codes platform. He’s an expert in digital marketing, content marketing, and lead generation.

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