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September 29th, 2021

6 Reasons Why Security Testing Is Important For Businesses


If you’re an e-commerce company or an organization in highly regulated industries such as banking, healthcare, and service industries, then Security Testing is a very crucial aspect that ensures the integrity and security of your applications. If you think since you’ve never been hacked before, that your organization is not on the radar of potential hackers, then it’s just a matter of time that some potential attacker breaches and hacks your organization’s data, and by that point, it will be late. 

The cost of cyber-crime attacks is expected to reach $6 trillion by the end of 2021. As such, Security Testing is one of the most common security practices among major organizations to find potential bugs, weaknesses in the system before attackers do. Moreover, as a result of the pandemic, more and more businesses are being forced to shift to online sales, which brings a new set of risks associated with the digital landscape. As such, it’s more important now than ever to enhance your cyber security in 2021.

What is Security Testing?

Security Testing is a form of Software Testing that identifies weaknesses in the system and ensures that data and resources are protected from potential intruders. This form of testing is a simulated cyber attack on your system to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities before hackers do. This kind of testing allows you to identify potential vulnerabilities in your application that may be exploited by attackers and is often carried out at regular intervals to maintain the integrity and security of the application. Security test is used to automate specific tasks, improve testing efficiency and find issues and bugs that might be hard to find using manual analysis techniques alone.

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Reasons Why Security Testing is Important

Here are six reasons why Security Testing is important for businesses – 

1. Risk Management 

More than often, some of the underlooked and unchecked vulnerabilities and weaknesses have the potential to become actual threats. As such, security testing can help your organization to defend such vulnerabilities and ward off threats, but this testing needs to be done before cybercriminals get familiar with your application and exploit its weaknesses. Moreover, if you are using third-party applications, outsourced services or cloud-based services, then it becomes more than crucial to carry out security testing. 

2. Cost Reduction

We all have heard the phrase – Prevention is better than cure. Taking this into context, using Security Testing can save a lot on costs associated with recovery and remediation after a breach. The cost may also include the acquisition of tools/technologies like vulnerability scanners etc, which is a fraction of the costs associated with recovery after a breach.

3. Reduced Downtime

These days, time equals money. As such, any chances of network and application downtime can lead to loss of productivity and availability which can cost companies millions of dollars. As such, Security testing becomes very crucial in order to detect bugs in the application and network that can lead to downtime. 

4. Regulatory Compliance and Laws

Regulatory standards laid down in HIPPA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and others require companies to often do mandatory testing and audits of their security systems. Hefty punitive fines are charged if companies fail to do so. As such, companies must adhere to regulatory compliance and laws around security in order to keep their security tight and avoid hefty fines. 

5. Customer Trust

Another important reason to conduct testing is to ensure customer trust. Safeguarding your company’s reputation and holding onto your customer base is very crucial and security testing plays a very essential role in it. Not only is security testing often a requirement to get accredited and certified, but it also ensures that your company has a solid security system that helps gain and maintain customer base, and hence customer trust.

6. Peace of mind

Another important aspect of security testing is that it helps gain peace of mind, knowing that your applications, systems, and infrastructure have been tested for vulnerabilities. Working with a security test team and conducting these tasks can help protect your business and customer’s data. 


With the evolution of cloud and internet technologies, threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, bypassing security controls with greater success and demanding ransoms day by day. As such, Security testing has become more crucial now than ever. If you’re looking for security testing services, you’re in the right place.

TFT is one of the leading software testing outsourcing companies where we apply our insights and experience that can guide your company on having an advanced security strategy and help you build up your defenses to tackle cyberattacks.


1. What are the challenges of security testing?

The challenges of security testing include complexity, evolving threats, and resource constraints.

2. Why is security testing important?

Security testing is crucial to identify vulnerabilities and protect against cyberattacks and data breaches.

3. What are the business benefits of security testing?

Business benefits of security testing include risk reduction, reputation protection, and regulatory compliance.

4. Which factors should security professionals follow when performing security testing?

Security professionals should follow factors like threat modeling, regular updates, and adherence to security standards in their testing.

5. What are the common security threats that security testing aims to mitigate?

Security testing aims to mitigate common threats like malware, data leaks, and unauthorized access.

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