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September 16th, 2021

7 Benefits of Automation Testing Services


One of the most crucial aspects of the product development cycle for any software product is testing. With the increased usage of software products across various devices, a single software bug can create significant havoc, including massive financial losses for a company. As such, Software Testing Outsourcing has become paramount for any software development company to deliver high-quality software products to the masses.

For the last two decades, there has been continuous innovation in technologies from machine learning to test automation. Automation Testing has played a critical role in every sector, from manufacturing to application development. It started with the launch of Selenium, a tool for automation, back in 2004. But, soon, it was realized that automation of tests was not practical at that time as testers had to write codes manually. As a result, codeless automated tests were introduced.

Test Automation is a testing method that enables QA engineers to automate their testing tasks without coding. With click testing, the testers only need to go through the process they need to feed in the tool and later repat. The application does all the coding work behind the scenes. This type of automated testing tool helps you reduce the effort required to set up a repeated process for the release cycle.

Here are some of the benefits of Automation testing services:

1. Match the Speed of the Product Development Cycle.

Automation is designed with interactive and visual UI workflows, making it easy to generate code under the hood. This makes automation easy to learn and execute. A QA engineer can start automating cases as soon as UI development is done, thus avoiding the need to go through complex coding frameworks and practices. This helps match the speed of the development cycle with continuous integration.

2. Scale Automation and Lower Maintenance

Test Automation is equipped with Visual UI workflows that make it easy for testers to scale and maintain test automation. The automation flow is no longer needed to be adjusted every time the system under test changes.

3. Built-in Reporting Abilities

These tools come with built-in reporting abilities that automate the entire reporting meaning there is little to no work involved in setting up reports. There is zero reporting work required for the team, enabling them to meet full testing coverage and meet the project deadlines.

4. Free up resources

Testers have more time for exploratory testing of the application since they don’t have to waste time automating their regression tests by writing code. Another great benefit with codeless test automation is that developers are not required to create UI tests, thus freeing more resources and making it more cost-effective.

5. Shared automation solution for better adoption

Some codeless test automation platforms are designed as an all-in-one solution for automation needs throughout an organization that makes it easy for test engineers to share knowledge, best practices, and test cases across various projects for collaboration. It also helps minimizes the time required to initiate new automation projects.

6. Hassle-free documentation and changes

UI workflows work both as a documentation of how the process is executed as well as a visual description of a process. There are Automation Platforms where automated tests can also be documented with video and logs.

7. Improved services

In a time of increased cycles of up-gradation and high competitiveness in the market, your release cycles need to keep up, and Codeless test automation helps do just that. Since testers don’t have to focus on writing code, they can now focus on the user-end experience of the application. The tester can now run the tests multiple times without having to waste time writing codes.

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Final thoughts

In short, codeless automation testing services removes the need to understand testing frameworks or technology underlying the application in order to automate tests. If you’re looking for a software testing outsourcing company for all your testing needs, then TFT is the right partner for you. We have a diverse team of excellent QA engineers that will take care of all your testing requirements and help a faster release of your software products.

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