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September 12th, 2023

Common Challenges in Automation Testing and How to Overcome Them


Today, test automation has emerged as a new trend in the tech industry. Thanks to its fast speed and apt efficiency, accomplishing milestones and boosting productivity have never been easier and quicker. The majority of IT companies are shifting towards automation testing services. According to research by Perfecto, 35% of companies find manual software testing the most time-consuming activity in the entire software development life cycle. 

From reduced tester exhaustion (leading to more significant results) to a more satisfactory product that provides higher ROI, creating a seamless test automation framework can give numerous advantages to your institution, development, and crew. However, the main problem lies in the path to reach there. In this blog, we will talk about a few common challenges your team may encounter while Automation Testing, along with adequate solutions to overpower these snags.

Common Challenges in Automation Testing

Automation Testing Services

Ineffective Communication:

Inaccurate test cases are often the result of poor communication and can overwhelm your entire Automation Testing efforts. Usually, this problem happens in the initial stages of the software development process. Communication gaps are visible when managers are not transparent with their instructions and lack in articulating each team’s role in fixing an issue when a fault occurs. 

Solution: To overcome this, one must create a precise and thorough resolution plan with a centrally governed defect tracking tool to caution team members when it is their time to take action. Routine discussions with employees, managers, and stakeholders can also aid in reducing instances of miscommunication. Hence for seamless Automation Testing Services, keep everyone in the loop.  

Unstable Network While Testing:

While automation testing, network stability also acts as a huge deterrent. Frequent disconnection or network disruptions can affect the overall working efficiency as it becomes a barrier for the test automation outsourcing crew while accessing databases, VPN, and third-party services. It ultimately leads to excessive delay and diverts the process. 

Solution: The QA teams must have a sound monitoring solution in place that can aid in fixing the issue as soon as it happens and protect the whole software delivery pipeline from being affected. After all, it is best to prepare an umbrella before the rain.

Lack of a Well Defined Testing Strategy

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  

Any inconsistency in making a thorough implementation approach can be the most destructive challenge in Automation Testing Services today. Hundreds of companies have ruined their automation efforts by not paying attention to precise testing objectives and approaches to achieve them. To evade such situations, make sure to ask yourself these test automation questions:

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Will this test be conducted again? 

If not, there is no need for repeated execution, and it is probably best not to automate. 

Solution: Always remember the repeatability factor and choose your Automation Testing Services.

When will the test be carried out? 

While some tests can run concurrent with others, others run subsequently. Automating succeeding tests offers less advantage than simultaneous ones as they are still dangling on the tests that are run upstream. 

Solution: Whenever feasible, automate parallel tests.

Which part needs the most prioritization? 

Some of your code may be more vulnerable to errors than others, and some may be more crucial to your product’s overall stability and quality. 

Solution: Review your previous analytics reports to prioritize the most challenging and essential operations. See where failures happen most frequently and permanently deal with them. 

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Operational Cost:

Pricing has always played a crucial role for organizations when they refine their processes. Services for automation testing are not any different. Although shifting to test automation can be a significant savings decision, it still comes with some expenses. These include operational fees such as maintenance and software expenditures, test automation service subscription costs, etc. 

Solution: Some of the best practices that can help you save money and resources include monitoring the ROI for automation, ensuring code reusability, leveraging parallel testing, and dockerization. Nevertheless, because it routinely yields large long-term benefits, automated testing is the greatest choice for companies aiming to expand.


Leveraging Automation Testing Services, whether you are creating operating systems or apps, is a foolproof approach to enhance your product and market it more efficiently than ever. However, on the path, you may face some difficulties. Utilize the solutions mentioned above during your test automation techniques to overcome them all.

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