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April 29th, 2022

9 Android Development Trends to Look Forward in 2022


Mobile technology is constantly evolving and everyone can use it to grow their business and increase the reach of their target customers. It’s a great tool for all industries because of its innovative features.

Both IOS as well as Android are in high demand, but Android is becoming more popular these days, especially for business reasons. According to current news, Android holds 71.19% market share due to its millions of apps in Google-Play store. It’s also going to be the future for mobile business.

Android will be more popular in 2022 and is generating a lot of buzz in the mobile sector. Businesses are increasingly looking for Android apps to promote their business. This leads to a greater demand for Android app developers to ensure that businesses grow and provide a better user experience.

Here are some of top Android Development Trends that you need to check out in 2022:

1. Instant Android Apps: Android apps are rapidly evolving in a wide range of mobile sectors. This allows users to instantly download and install android apps. Users can also log in and enjoy a great user experience that delivers instant results. These apps offer many benefits, including no additional space on smartphones without system interruptions, perfect UI/UX design, and compatibility with all Android devices.

2. Blockchain Technology: These apps can be used to develop decentralized apps that improve transparency, deny access to unnecessary information and use a strong security system. These androids are a great option for financial companies such as banks and currency exchanges. This technology offers security and performance improvements, as well as encryption data that is encrypted for your entire life. 

3. Google Assistant & Chatbots: Android apps are becoming more popular thanks to Google assistant. It is also attracting the attention of business owners. This integration will allow users to access their apps quicker and link with certain functions on your mobile app.

4. 5G Technology: 5G technology is faster than 4G due to its speed of 100 Gbps and higher frequency. It allows for great transmissions with billions upon billions of mobiles around the globe. This 5G option can be added to your mobile application to improve your business performance.

5. MotionLayout: MotionLayout bridges the gap between layout transitions, complex motion and is a new way to do android development. MotionLayout allows you to manage widget animation and motion in your app. It includes a combination between Transition Manager, the property animation framework, and CoordinatorLayout.

MotionLayout, part of Constraint Layout, is available as a support tool and is compatible with API level 14. MotionLayout can be used to describe transitions in XML regardless of their complexity or magnitude.

6. APM and EMM: Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are components of enterprise mobile app development that aim to reduce a mobile app’s speed. There are certain expectations about the quality of mobile apps due to the rapid growth in mobile app development. This is not only about the safety and security of apps, but also allows for efficient data exchange via mobile devices.

7. Augmented Reality: Android app development trends take the next step with the combination of AR/VR and AI by introducing new immersive technologies such as its Visual Positioning Service. This AR technology is the most recent in recognizing and simulating visual elements in users’ environments.

8. Beacons Technology: This technology aids in the optimization of location-based searches using Bluetooth. It is better for user engagement. It provides robust app solutions and clear mapping of product displays. This allows you to offer personalized offers to your customers.

9. Machine Learning : Android’s latest trends in Android development include AI features. Many smartphones will be able to perform advanced technology roles like text recognition, face recognition and landmark recognition. Android smartphones will have AI features that can simplify the work of users and provide a great user experience.

Last words

Although Android app development trends are constantly changing, it is vital to stay current with the latest technology and capitalize on opportunities. It is important to avoid falling prey to all the latest trends. Before you jump, consider your budget, technical expertise, and business needs.

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