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May 9th, 2022

Benefits Of Automating Your Application Testing


Collectively, we spend $5 trillion annually on repetitive tasks. Software Testing is a repetitive task by its very nature. It’s important to automate as much as possible. Automating application testing has a positive impact on your business, but it also benefits your team. SmartSheet’s survey revealed that 40% of workers spend more than 25% of their workweek on automated jobs. Automation Testing Services improves productivity. However, it also has surprising effects on employee satisfaction and prevents burnout.

What is Application Testing?

Application Testing can be described as software testing. It is performed using scripts to find errors in software. This includes testing the entire application. It improves the quality of your applications while decreasing costs and optimizing ROI. Software Engineering can include testing of application functionality and GUI. The testing life cycles for Application Testing include several phases, including requirement analysis, test planning, and test analysis.

How do you test an application?

Software products and software applications have many variations in terms of the features they support and the processes they implement. Application Testing is a way to ensure that an application or program functions correctly.

Four stages make up the life cycle of Application Testing :

  • Based on the application requirements, design test plans
  • Create manual and automated test cases
  • To validate the application requirements, execute functional tests
  • Perform load tests to tune the application’s performance

Best testing practices for Application Testing

The best way to find defects in an application is to choose the right strategy for Application Testing. It is essential that the QA team follows a standard process to detect errors faster and in less time. Some of the most effective practices for application testing are:

  • Define functional specifications
  • Review and Inspections
  • Formal Entry and Outline Criteria
  • Functional tests
  • Multi-platform testing
  • Automated testing execution

Below mentioned are some of the top benefits of automated application testing:

  1. Retention is improved

Automated testing is a way to keep talented developers in the company. Many of them, like us, don’t enjoy repetitive tasks. As such, automation testing services are an excellent way to reduce testing burden and allow your development team to work on other things. Although this blog doesn’t focus on the financial benefits, it is important to remember that replacing an employee can cost up to 150 percent of their salary. It also takes an average 43 days to hire new software developers.

  1. Burnout is reduced

Gallup states that an ‘unmanageable workload can cause employee burnout’. Automating your application testing reduces the amount of work your team must do for QA. This is especially true if you adopt the CI/CD approach to development.

Automated, customized testing dashboards can help reduce information overload, which is a major cause of burnout. You can reduce the amount of information filtering that employees have to do by creating a process that delivers the right data to the right people.

  1. Improved confidence 

Although it is obvious that these two points have a positive effect on company morale and productivity, it does not stop there. According to the SmartSheet survey, 78 percent of workers believe automation will allow them to spend more time on the rewarding and interesting aspects of their jobs. And, 22 percent of workers would gain extra time at work due to the use of automation.

Focusing on what employees love about their jobs makes them happier and helps them do better work. Although it may seem counterintuitive, giving staff more time at work is good business practice.

  1. Innovation is growing

Google ensures that the development team has at least 20% of their time – hours that are set aside to allow them to focus on any project that might benefit the company. It’s unlikely you can afford to automate your application testing if you don’t. You would also be missing out: the 20 percent rule led to Google News, Adsense, and Gmail. Your developers can be granted with extra time, and they are likely to return the favor by generating creativity and innovation.

Automated testing offers many benefits. These noble goals are worth your time: improved employee morale, innovation boost, and reduced turnover. Your team’s well-being and the future of your company are at stake by investing in your testing process.

TFT’s Automation Testing Service offers exceptional ROI

Now you can make more frequent, reliable, and solid releases of your app with TFT. We offer comprehensive automation testing services freeing our testers from repetitive testing. Testers can now concentrate on analysis and exploratory testing. Bugs are now caught upstream.


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