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July 8th, 2022

Are Outsourcing Firms The Right Answer For Web Development?


In 2022, a strong online presence is vital. You will need a top-performing website to be relevant in today’s digitally competitive world. Do you prefer to have an in-house web development team or outsourcing? You can reap many years of benefits by hiring an outside company to manage, design and maintain a functional website. Here’s how.

What is Web Development Outsourcing?

Outsourcing web development is when an outside agency or contractor manages website development, updates, migrations, redesigns, and launches. An external company provides all the necessary staff, including web designers, developers and database administrators, and IT support specialists.

What are the benefits of web development outsourcing?

Your website may need updating or re-designing. Maybe you are launching a business and perhaps you have a sales goal that you need to achieve or want to increase lead generation. Your business may not be a web developer, so you and your team might not be the right fit for the job.

You may be able to do some of these things yourself, but you can also hire an expert to complete the task correctly, faster, and more efficiently than you might be capable of. You can save time and get better quality when you hire an expert fit for that particular work.

What makes outsourcing web development different? 

Outsourcing web development is a common reason to outsource. Extensive (and costly!) web design projects are often outsourced. Many web design projects are outsourced. These are two main reasons to think about:

  • Outsourcing helps ensure that internal business processes don’t get interrupted by extra work.
  • Outsourcing guarantees that your investment will be well-spent on a high-quality, expert product

What are the most common outsourced web application development services?

Website design, content, and migrations are the most common web application development services outsourced. These projects can be costly in terms of planning and time, but they often yield the best return. These are just a few examples.

  • Your website can be redesigned and relaunched to improve usability and conversions.
  • You can migrate your website to a new platform with no downtime.
  • Write quality content that is keyword-focused to gradually increase your organic quality leads and search engine result rank (SERP).
  • Translate existing content to a new language version for your website.

How to Outsource Web Design and Development Services?

Are you ready to outsource custom web application development services? You can save significant time, money, as well as resources by hiring an external web development team. Here’s how.

  1. Identify your business’s needs.

If you don’t have a clear business plan, you should. This is the most crucial step. You risk spending your time and money on a website which doesn’t suit your needs. Why launch a new website when you can have your existing website? Who are your customers? What are your measurable goals? Before looking for outsourcing services, beginning the discovery phase of website development is important. 

  1. Select 3-5 outsourcing options

There are many options when it comes to outsourcing web development. These include large agencies and independent freelancers. We recommend that you limit your choices to just 3-5 partners so that you can compare them side-by-side. Here are some places to start:

  • Interview potential partners. Ask them about your business goals. Ask them if similar projects have been completed.
  • Refer to their work. Look at their portfolio and read customer reviews. Ask them if there is a client who would be willing to speak with you about their services.
  • Compare bids. Compare the prices, services and timeframes for each bid. You may also consider secondary services such as web design, search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization that can provide long-term benefits as part of your package.
  1. Partner with you to integrate them into your team.

Integrating your web development team into your business processes is crucial. Understanding your business will ensure that they produce the best possible work. Here are some things to start with –

  • Meet with your web development project manager before you start to discuss the scope of work and the measurable results.
  • Regular check-in meetings should be held with your web development project manager.
  • Regularly review performance metrics from Google Analytics to identify areas for improvement (organic traffic and conversion rate, bounce rates).
  • Communicate with your web development team any changes to business goals.
  • Provide visibility and collaboration to business areas that rely on high-performing websites such as sales, marketing, and other services.

How to choose the right web development outsourcing company?

There are many things to consider when hiring a web developer company. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right web development outsourcing firm –

  1. To ensure seamless collaboration, you can hire a nearshore outsourcing company.
  2. To ensure that your website performs at its best, consider long-term services.
  3. Ensure that your outsourcing agency has a full-stack web development team, including design, marketing, SEO, and customer support.
  4. For large and expensive web development projects, avoid independent contractors and freelancers.
  5. A freelance talent is an option for small changes or content creation around specific areas of expertise.

Final Thoughts

There are many tangible benefits to hiring an expert to help you with your next web project. It will help you save time and free up resources for other areas of your business. Outsourcing web development is a great option if you don’t have the resources or experience to complete a web project on your own. Before you start looking for web outsourcing services, make sure to identify your business requirements clearly. Next, you should research the costs and testimonials of each potential vendor. Next, find one that is close to your market.

TFT offers a range of Web Design and Development Services that will help you to scale your business and provide a secure solution that allows for growth. Our years of combined experience in web design and development techniques will ensure that your website project is in the best hands and returns a high return.

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