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March 19th, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing The Digital Market Through Various Applications


There would hardly be anyone who is unaware of the term digital marketing as every business is using it, some are using themselves whether others are doing it with the help of a digital marketing agency. Just sometime back, marketers were very reluctant to incorporate artificial intelligence alongside digital marketing but due to research conducted on the benefits of artificial intelligence; marketers have gained confidence in using artificial intelligence. Previously, it was considered to be ambiguous but now, it has been reduced to a very large extent due to the results, it is able to produce.

It would be right to say that all the intelligence tools keep evolving more and more with time and they even reach a point where they are even more capable than humans, it means they can even do what a normal human being is unable to do. There were many surveys conducted about artificial intelligence which produced amazing results. Hence businesses and companies should also start analyzing artificial intelligence applications that help in revolutionizing the digital market. Here are also some of the applications listed below.

Generate And Create Content:

We all must think that machines can’t generate content themselves. But what if we let you know that there is away. Artificial intelligence still can’t write on its own such as how would artificial intelligence know what is up with the politics or if a political view has to be written for a newspaper artificial intelligence doesn’t work there. However, there are certain areas in which the content that has been created by artificial intelligence can be very useful and also help in attracting visitors to your website. This would also help the businesses to save time as well as a lot of resources.


The best example would be that artificial intelligence can write reports on information that is provided to them. There are many intelligence tools available these days. Wordsmith is the most famous one and is being used by many companies abroad, it also being used by Forbes to create news. Hundreds of articles of Washington Post are being created by artificial intelligence.

Content Circulation:

It’s not only that artificial intelligence generates content but it can also circulate it very well. It would make it better for visitors to connect to certain websites and also enable them to see way better content than they were used to seeing. This is the technology that is most commonly used to make personalized content recommendations. They help in finding the content which users find interesting. An example would be Netflix as they also have a recommendation system, which gives recommendations depending on the movies that you have already watched. This is also very accurate 90% of the time.

How Can A User Benefit From It?

Artificial intelligence would help in showing articles that are more relevant to the visitors and that match their choice of previously viewed articles. Those would also be linked to the blog posts they have shared and liked and also the posts on which they have spent a lot of time.

Email Marketing:

There are so many brands and businesses that are using the power of email marketing to attract a large pool of audience. Artificial intelligence could also be used to create personalized email marketing campaigns very effectively. Those campaigns also make it possible to better connect with clients and also turn them into potential customers. There are many tools that are being applied to email marketing such as Boomtrain. These tools are also likely to generate subject lines of emails.

Digital Advertisement:

This is the era of digital marketing which also has adopted artificial intelligence successfully. There are many platforms like Google and Facebook which are using artificial intelligence to find people, analyze data and user information. This could also be one of the major reasons for the success of these 2 big platforms as they are using artificial intelligence to save and resources.


Moreover, AI can create Marketing methodologies that can be executed for better outcomes. With time AI is offering more opportunities to connect with clients. Artificial intelligence has a lot of practical applications in both the present and the future that is helping the business to leave the pit gaps. Artificial intelligence potential gives innumerable chances to the human to change different advertising strategies.

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