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March 22nd, 2019

10 Powerful Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today


One of the most amazing creations made by humans so far has been artificial intelligence. Name any field and we have artificial intelligence making things easier and simpler. Yet, we can’t say we are at the peak of inventions pertaining to artificial intelligence, but what we have right now is nothing less than impressive.

Artificial intelligence is still in its initial phase, where so many things that don’t technically qualify as artificial intelligence are still called so. This is because when software follows certain pre-sets and responds in a way, it seems like a task that would be considered artificial intelligence. What further qualifies the artificial intelligence system is the ability of a system to learn on its own.

However, we can’t underestimate some of the significant examples of artificial intelligence. So, here’s a list of 10 powerful examples of artificial intelligence systems used in various fields that have changed the way of life for the people who use these systems.


Apple phones and devices are quite popular for their interactive and friendly personal voice assistant Siri. You can interact with Siri on a daily basis and get assistance in finding out different things. Ask anything and Siri has an answer. People have been using Siri for directions, dialing numbers, checking facts, setting alarms and reminders, and whatnot. The reason why Siri can help with a wide variety of tasks is that it’s a pseudo-intelligent digital personal assistant. In simpler words, Siri educates herself on a daily basis using digital learning technology and equips herself better to answer and better understand the natural questions that humans pose.


Alexa is a home utility-based artificial intelligence system that was launched by Amazon. At first, Amazon took people by surprise with the kind of features Alexa came with. Alexa has a feature using which it can decipher speech no matter what corner of the room it comes from. Moreover, this feature is what made Alexa the revolutionary product that it is today. With Alexa, you can turn your home into a smart home, take control of a number of operations, look for information on the web through commands, and the list goes on. And if we know anything about technology, this is definitely not simple technology. This is one of the finest forms of artificial intelligence that we can carry around in our pockets.


Tesla is one of the most technologically advanced cars that have ever been made. If you’re driving a Tesla, you can expect it to drive you to places in ease and style. It has a self-driving feature and it’s been tested for safety on numerous occasions. Besides this, there are a number of other predictive features that can make your ride not just smooth but also give your brain some rest. What’s more, Tesla is not stopping any time soon. We can expect a lot more in the future. For anyone who is crazy about technology and cars, Tesla is an amazing amalgamation of both.


We know Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping destinations, and what’s more is that it is powered by AI which makes it as efficient as it is. Amazon works on very strong and powerful algorithms that help it in predicting what a user is interested in and filtering results based exactly on that. It’s one of the finest examples of predictive functioning that addresses an individual’s online shopping behavior. It’s also being said that the next monumental move that Amazon plans to make is to deliver products at the doorstep of customers even before they identify that they need that product. But looks like there is still time for this to happen.  


As already mentioned, artificial intelligence is not just limited to a certain field, like cars and phones. One such example is Cogito. Cogito combines machine learning with behavioral science so that phone professionals can communicate and interact with customers in the best ways. This is a company that specializes in providing customer support by improving emotional intelligence and enhancing behavioral adaptation.


If you’re a movie junkie, you know Netflix is one of the topmost global platforms for movies, shows, and a lot more pertaining to the entertainment and media industry. Netflix, like every other name in this blog, is a great example of how artificial intelligence can be used to identify what users want and give them exactly that. What Netflix basically does is it checks the records of each user, their previous reactions, and what kind of genres they would most likely pick. Gathering all this data, Netflix makes accurate recommendations and also suggests movies that are apt for the viewer and have good chances of being liked by the audience; but do not have that kind of exposure that they would be searched.


Yet another company that strives to improve customer experience using machine learning, Boxever is a travel industry based artificial intelligence company. It achieves this by delivering micro-moments to customers which keeps them delighted while they are on their travel journeys.


John Paul is a luxury travel concierge company that works with the help of artificial intelligence coupled with predictive algorithms. This helps in an intuitive understanding of what specifically clients want; enhancing client interaction by identifying their needs on a microscopic level.


Pandora is a music-related technology that, without any doubt, is one of the most revolutionary examples of artificial intelligence at its best. Quite popularly known as musical DNA, there are 400 musical characteristics that Pandora uses. There is a team of professional musicians who analyze each and every song manually. This helps in recommending songs to users that they would definitely love, which otherwise would be something that listeners would be oblivious to.


Nest is a learning thermostat that uses artificial intelligence and its learning ability to grasp your cooling and heating needs. Now, using what it learns about your needs, it controls the temperature at your home or office. Nest became more prominently popular when Google acquired it in 2014. Nest can also be controlled by using Alexa now; it has also launched more products that make use of artificial intelligence and predictive algorithmic learning.

This was a list of some of the most powerful examples of artificial intelligence and how artificial intelligence can be used to make our lives better. For people who are already overwhelmed (in the most positive ways) by how AI technology is changing mankind’s lifestyle, hold your breath as there’s a lot more to come in the near future.


Artificial Intelligence is picking up popularity at a quicker pace; impacting the manner in which we live, collaborate, and improve client experience. There is significantly more to come in the coming long time with more upgrades, development.

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