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September 14th, 2020

Hilla Brenner appointed as a TFT Advisory Board Member


Think Future Technologies (TFT), a leading software platform enabling their customers to achieve superior business outcomes has announced today the appointment of Hilla Ovil-Brenner to its Advisory Board of Directors with core duties of:

  • Giving the organization a direction
  • Participating in building a policy-based Governance System
  • Governing the organization and the CEO relationship
  • Protect the interests and property of the organization’s membership

Hilla Brenner is an experienced manager who led several technology companies successfully during critical product development phases. While TFT continues to expand, they are lucky to welcome to their board someone with Hilla’s expertise.

A Career to Cherish

For the last 20 years, Hilla has been a serial contractor in the high-tech industry and has truly believed in innovation and team spirit. In 2002 She became CEO and founder of Whitesmoke Inc, which eventually went public. It is noted that Whitesmoke, Inc. develops computer software. The company developed and marketed language translation software that includes text translation capabilities, grammar & spelling checks, and multilingual dictionaries. In 2012 she became the CEO of Tech Company, which was a leader in the ad tech arena and developed unique RTB technology that was later acquired by a leading media company. In 2015 she became the CEO of Gling Media which aims at creating an easier and more intuitive process for customers and service providers to find each other using world-changing technology developed in-house. She was Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator’s Managing Director as well.

Hilla has been specialized in making dreams come true by passion, experience, and ability. By Geek Time she was named one of the100 leading individuals in the hi-tech ecosystem. Hilla is the founder of Yaazamiyot, the most significant female founders group in Israel. With over 4,000 founders and global projects, Yaazamiyot encourages women of Israel to achieve their dreams. Hilla is also an investor, a mentor, and a valued member of several councils.

The entrepreneurial drive cannot be overlooked

The entrepreneurial drive in one never goes away, and it cannot be overlooked. Hilla Brenner, a serial entrepreneur, has always been motivated by the need to make a change and create something that would have an effect on others for the better. After completing her law studies and internships, she built a business Whitesmoke Inc that eventually served millions of users around the world and became public.

It sounds like a magical journey of success, but it wasn’t easy. It included raising money, recruiting investors, and meeting more obstacles than her male counterparts. Though she noticed that she had a fundraising knack., Sometimes Hilla was also the only woman in the room, a room that was unforgiving and persistent in its search of “Why you can’t do a job!.” She was enthusiastic and found motivation at places where she didn’t even realize to exist in order to get the results she wanted.

The number of female founders increases each year. There is increasing awareness of the problem of too few female founders, and companies and investors are seeing better results from diverse founding and executive teams. There’s still a long way to go, though. My experience as an entrepreneur who happens to be a woman has been riddled with situations that underline the need for more women in this space.

Hilla succeeded, and the long, bumpy journey led to prosperity, but it shouldn’t have been like that.

Over the years, she has continued to build more innovations and more businesses and has evolved as an entrepreneur and a mentor. She faced a lot of challenges as a female entrepreneur, and there were just not enough female mentors to help.

She discovered her love for mentoring and built Yazamiyot to help other women succeed as entrepreneurs.


Hilla grew both as an Entrepreneur and a Mentor throughout the years and continued to build more ideas and more companies. She being an asset for TFT will help the company succeed in the Global Software Platform.

Hilla Brenner’s advice to brand new start-ups and entrepreneurs:

“Jump, take a leap, and do what you believe in. You can’t succeed without trying, and yes, you may fail, but it’s just a part of the process. You’d be surprised by how many failures most successful entrepreneurs have had.’’

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