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September 15th, 2020

Why Should Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter


Apple’s app store has 1.84 million apps, and the google play store has 2.7 million apps as per the 2020 March statistics. Mobile app development has become very important for all business domains. Because of the increasing competition and challenging market, every business needs some apps capable of running on both Android, iOS, and Web. With a tight budget and less time, it is not possible to develop separate apps for every platform. How best would it be to create excellent apps in iOS and Android with less programming knowledge? If you are doubtful, then try Flutter for startups. But Flutter does this job entirely, as this is the best cross-platform framework designed by Google for running your single code on any platform.

Flutter is Google’s open-source, cross-platform app development framework offered to the developers. Flutter lets you code for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Google, and Web with a single code. Flutter provides a speed of 120 frames per second hit consistently on your device. You can also do hot reloads to your existing app, without crashes in the current state.

The framework of Flutter:

Flutter uses its own graphics rendering engine called Skia which is google’s performance graphics engine. This gives you complete control over the entire pixels which are present in the screen, opening the door to new possibilities.

Start-ups prefer Cross-Platform apps:

Over 100 million startups are opening their business every year. Many startups are framed on an excellent concept but run on minimal budgets. So developing an app in a short time to run on all platforms will be the best choice. Flutter stands as the one-stop solution for their needs.

Why Flutter for Startups?

  • Reusability of the code: A single code developed in Flutter can be used for all platforms. This reduces the coding time of developers and launch the app in a short period. The reusability of the code in the cross-platforms is provided by Flutter to develop native apps. If you develop an app in iOS and want the app to look the same in Android and other platforms, then Flutter is for you. UI styling and positioning are the same on both platforms.
  • App at a low cost: You can develop apps in the six platforms at the cost of developing an app in a single platform. This is possible with Flutter. Low-cost app development is considered a boon for startups. It is estimated that a 50% cost reduction is possible with Flutter.
  • Plugin for the apps: Flutter is an open-source framework, and anyone can upload a plug-in they created in the framework. Plugins created for specific needs are available in the library, and you can use it. Thus many plugins have found multiple uses in many apps. Creating a plugin in Flutter is very quick and simple than any other source.
  • App testing and performance: Multiple factors determine the app’s performance. Flutter’s profile mode is similar to the launch mode and provides debugging operation. If you test the app in one platform, then you can run it smoothly on other platforms. App testing time is reduced in Flutter. Flutter has good backward compatibility, so a new version is uploaded, without breaking the app. it fixes the bug instantaneously. Flutter has essential packages that are needed for the development of an app.
  • Code writing speed: Using Flutter, you can add features or fix bugs in seconds using an option called Hot reload. Developers like hot reload as it retains the state of the app without crashing while updating new features. This update is not possible even to React Native. To speed up the development of the app, Flutter has integrated visual studio code and android studio code, and you can check the efforts instantly.
  • Faster apps: Apps created using Flutter runs smoothly and fastly, without hanging in between. Flutter documentation on each concept helps the beginners and experts to understand each part very clearly than any. Apps on Flutter has a 15% increase in performance. If you have an app in iOS, then you can quickly launch that app in Android and Web using Flutter.
  • Widgets for everyone: Flutter has an excellent catalog of widgets for everyone’s demand. If you can’t find one, you can customize one for your app. if you browse through the catalog of Flutter widgets, you can understand it.
  • Same App UI on all devices: Flutter runs on old and new platforms in the same way. Even older versions of iOS and Android can support Flutter. The app looks the same in all devices. This makes Fluter for Startups a good option.

Final words:

Flutter, though brought into the market in 2018, it has established itself ahead of other programming languages. Google’s support for Flutter is awe-inspiring, with many libraries for app implementation and functionality. Both developers and businesses like flutter for its reasonable cost, development speed, and usability. Flutter maintains the natural look of the app in both Android and iOS. The launch of the apps is based on the combination of the rendering engine and Flutter. The rendering engine is the C++ platform, and the language used is Dart. The files generated in each app are assembled on the SDK and rendered to the specific platform.

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