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July 15th, 2020

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used to Develop World Class Mobile Applications


Artificial Intelligence has led to many innovations in business and industry. Many mobile application developers are now using Artificial Intelligence for Mobile App Development. From redesigning the user interface to better user engagement, AI has led to many innovations in this arena.

Businesses are now using AI as part of their mobile app development process. By doing this, they can gain a lot more consumer insight and understand the behavior patterns of their customers. With the native cognitive intelligence that AI offers to the mobile app industry, it can be used by mobile app developers to customize their products for enhanced human interactions.

Customer insight and analytics have become important today for businesses to achieve a significant competitive advantage. AI-enabled mobile apps can help businesses achieve this goal by gaining in-depth knowledge of user information, purchase patterns, product preferences and insights.

For developing these applications, app developers are making use of industry innovations. With the advent of artificial intelligence technologies, mobile app developers can now make cutting edge applications to meet the diverse and ever-increasing requirements of users.

The Use of AI in developing Mobile Apps

With rapid innovation in artificial intelligence, the impact can be seen in the mobile developer ecosystem. Businesses now realize the potential of using AI as a strategic tool to predict user behavior and make intelligent decisions. Artificial intelligence can understand user behavior based on their interaction with the app. This learning over time can lead to better predictions of customer engagement outcomes and buying decisions.

As the use of AI in developing mobile apps increases, the mobile developer community can now customize applications to suit the personal needs of their users. One of the common uses of AI in mobile applications is in the smart newsfeed generation. AI can be used to generate personalized news feeds based on your preference and historical patterns. AI is also being used in a wide range of photo editing apps. Technologies like natural language technology, speech recognition, text analytics, and natural language processing (NLP) are now being increasingly used to develop mobile apps.

Enhanced engagement and user experience

AI has changed the landscape of customer engagement. Advanced user interfaces which are combined with AI technologies can provide a seamless interaction platform for users. AI-based bots can send automated responses to customer queries. With various predefined user responses already in-built in the mobile application, the AI-based technology can handle said queries- increasing the ease of the user interface for the customer. This is because customer behavior and preferences are also changing accordingly. Customers today prefer interacting with AI-based chatbots rather than a customer service representative. (ZDNet Study)

UX Designers can now collaborate with AI and machine learning professionals, to create a winning product design. This will also lead to enhanced productivity and speed. In this scenario, for designing these AI-enabled apps, an in-depth understanding is needed regarding the overall goal, user expectations. Also, a fine balance is needed between human-centric interaction and AI-enabled automation.


AI has evolved rapidly to provide increased personalization to users. Based on advanced machine learning capabilities, AI can learn user behavior, patterns, and buying preferences over time. AI can hence provide unique customer experiences to mobile users. Personalized recommendations are a sure-shot way to guarantee enhanced user experience.

AI-driven user experience is becoming increasingly common among leading mobile apps today. For example personalized recommendations and messages to the mobile user based on his location. The app will notify the user of the nearest fuel station or essential services outlet based on his requirement.

Search Engines

Search Engines have been the traditional mode of searching queries for consumers. Buyers are used to searching for their favorite products and brands using traditional text and voice-based search. However, today customers would like to search for those products they don’t know the name or brand of. Visual search is one such capability that can now be made possible with AI-based app development. Users can just search for their products based on an image recognition system which is usually AI-based.

Enhanced Mobile App Security

AI can now be used effectively to predict and prevent various security attacks. Cybersecurity experts can now predict attacks on their applications using certain in-built AI predictions. Data security is a challenge in today’s dynamic security environment. AI can help mobile app developers build more sophisticated cybersecurity defense systems. User authentication can be made more seamless, with enhanced security features. Real-time alerts on potential security breaches can also be configured for mobile users.

The use of AI in mobile development can ensure enhanced security and reliability of the mobile app. As data regarding users is continuously collected from multiple sources and databases, the role of the AI has become more important to compile the right information. This would give an accurate profile of the user, at the same time not compromising on user security.

Development and Code Automation

AI is also now being used in code development for mobile applications. There is a misconception that AI will replace mobile developers for traditional development and app design. This is simply not the case. AI, in reality, has the potential to be used as an additional tool to help developers build world-class applications. AI-based reasoning gives a huge advantage to developers to design logical workflows. This helps in designing cutting edge mobile applications. The amount of additional time, effort, resources, and cost involved in app development is also significantly reduced using AI-based development methodologies.


AI can collect, store, and process real-time data of users. This gives businesses a unique advantage to predict and personalize their services by developing AI-enabled applications. AI can be used by all businesses, especially small and mid-sized businesses to develop competitive apps while maximizing their return on investment.

Artificial intelligence has indeed evolved and found use in most of the mobile applications today. Its impact on the mobile app development ecosystem will only continue to increase as time goes by. With new innovations and developments in IoT as well, AI has a huge potential to help create world-class mobile applications and utilities. The future is all about the growth of AI, and we predict AI-based mobile apps to be more cutting edge, business-oriented, and customer-centric in the future.

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