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June 24th, 2020

Why an Automated HRMS and Payroll System Is a Must in Post COVID Times


The spread of coronavirus across the world has led to organizations rethinking and redesigning their HR practices. Employers would want their employees to be safe from the virus. At the same time, they would want to ensure they are not discriminating against their employees. The COVID-19 virus pandemic has led to some of the most important transformations in HR and the workplace norms. This is where Automated HRMS comes in to play.

How can the virus spread in offices

Employees traveling from remote places to the workplace have a high chance of infection. This is due to the possibility of coming in contact with an infected person in buses, trains, or metro. An employee can potentially enter attendance into the biometric system using the same hand that has been used to touch their face while sneezing or coughing. Employees would also want a contactless attendance management system from fear of coming into contact with an infected surface.

Some of the important questions that HR managers are asking today are the need for redefining some of their existing HR policies and practices. Organizations have followed certain traditional systems and processes to manage their HR operations till now. However, with the pandemic, we see a need for a complete revamp of current HR policies, procedures, and systems.

Remote Working

With the COVID-19 pandemic, most organizations are mandating their employees to work from home. This is a new scenario that has emerged in a post corona world. Working from home has indeed become a new normal for most of the employees and workers around the world. Organizations need to adapt to this new work environment. One of the most important transformations needed is that of HRMS policies, frameworks, and software systems.

Unplanned Workforce management

A lot of large companies today are grappling with the challenge of workforce management in a post COVID era. There are no clear guidelines or a universal framework for organizations to meet this challenge. Not just large companies, but a lot of micros, small, and mid-sized companies (MSMEs) in India are also facing a similar challenge. This means that HR leaders and executive leadership teams must be proactive in ensuring that organizations can effectively manage this new change in the workforce environment.

Leave Policy

In times of the coronavirus pandemic, organizations need to rethink and define the new normal for their leave policies. Especially in times of a pandemic, there can be a lot of confusion among employees regarding the leave policies. In cases of forced leaves foreseeing the risk of infection, the organization must change its policy accordingly. This will also have an overall impact on payroll processing. Organizations must consider these changes while redefining some of their attendance, leave management, and payroll policies.

Biometric Attendance Systems

In times of a pandemic, there are several risks in using the traditional biometrics systems to record employee attendance. There can be instances where employees might sneeze and then record their attendance. This increases the risk of infection among other employees. Coronavirus has led to many organizations across India to suspend biometrics for attendance management. Employers are now exploring newer HRMS, time, and attendance systems, where employees can mark their attendance using their mobile phones as well.

Importance of automated attendance management system

It has become very important in times of a pandemic like this, for organizations to implement automated attendance management systems. The traditional methods of attendance monitoring have a high risk of spreading infections within the company. Employees entering attendance in a manual register or punching into a biometrics machine can lead to spreading the infection. Hence organizations must ensure that the use of a robust contact-free attendance management system is mandated across the organization.

Benefit for small and medium-sized companies

Automated attendance management and payroll system can help small and mid-sized companies significantly. Employees will no longer need to punch their attendance manually. They can use the automated system to record their attendance. The entire leave management process can also be managed seamlessly. Using a robust payroll management system, companies can rely on advanced payroll processing capabilities to process their monthly payroll. This can also lead to significant cost savings for the company.

FR HRMS Automated attendance and payroll

FR HRMS is an advanced HRMS solution designed especially for HR managers in a post COVID era. The challenges we discussed earlier can be easily addressed and managed using a comprehensive HRMS solution like FR HRMS. Some of the advanced features that it provides include temperature recording of employees before entering the office. This leads to increased safety at the workplace.

The zero contact attendance measurement system along with temperature measurement is one of the unique value additions of the software solution.

Leave Management Systems

Employers would encourage their employees to stay at home if they have any symptoms of respiratory illness or fever. The HR managers would need to change their leave policies to be flexible and accommodate such scenarios while being in tune with Government guidelines. Especially MSME’s will rely a lot more on contractual labour or temporary employees in the current scenario. To meet this challenge, FR HRMS has designed flexible leave management systems. Dynamic leave policies can be implemented with ease. There is also a provision for managing temporary or contractual employees.

Payroll Systems

A majority of businesses still rely on manual payroll processing. Especially in the case of small and mid-sized companies, there are no automated payroll processing systems. The manual payroll processes require employees to be physically present in the office. This increases their risk of infection. With FR HRMS automated payroll processing solution, companies can automate the entire payroll processing cycle. Statutory guidelines also need to be incorporated in the system as per the Government policies. A good payroll system can easily incorporate these guidelines and make changes in the system.

Thus, companies would no longer need to process the changes every time, manually.

Also, any special benefits given by employers to their employees like insurance or pensions can be managed and processed with the payroll software. Having a robust and automated HRMS, attendance management, and payroll system is a must for organizations today, to tackle the many challenges of a post-Corona workplace.

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