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March 19th, 2024

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile Automation Testing for Successful Results


Unquestionably, “the exponential growth in the number of adoption of mobile app testing services and test automation is not a matter of astonishment.” Of course, it indicates a need for innovative methods in mobile automation testing in an automated way, resulting in less time consumption and more accuracy. 

The automated test coverage is crucial for launching the end product, which entails testing the cross-functionality of the mobile application, errors, speed, security, and usability for a better user experience. However, there are numerous things that the QA team needs to correct while testing the mobile application. 

Take a look at those common mistakes to avoid while testing the mobile application:

Key Pitfalls in Mobile Automation Testing Services by QA Team

The automation testing services provided by the quality assurance team in a company are the quintessential services that are the backbone of any software product to make it user-friendly. But, sometimes, they commit inevitable mistakes that need to be avoided: 

  • Determine the Scope of Automation

The QA team must scrutinize whether the particular task is suitable for automation testing. Understanding the benefits of mobile automation testing to the company is mandatory to clear the objectives. Otherwise, the business can face a lot of financial losses. Without having prior experience in test automation and a concrete plan of risk, the quality assurance team should not proceed further as it may affect the daily operations of a business, costs, and long-term efficiency.    

  • Neglecting Proper Training for Team Members  

Businesses often overlook the obstacles of training their teams about automation as a new arrival. The success of the mobile app testing depends upon how smartly the team can adopt and implement the new processes. Effective employee training should entail educational resources, meetings, workshops, and functional testing sessions. Such programs can improve the team’s understanding of integrating automation into new tasks. 

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  • Inadequate Supervision

It is pivotal to manage and supervise the entire project during the mobile automation testing process. Failure to do so can result in losing control over the project, which can adversely affect the process. 

  • Utilizing Record & Playback Tools for Script Creation 

Record and playback tools are not the final solution for script creation. QA testers can use these tools only as an initial outline for script creation as they tend to generate complex and hard-to-maintain scripts. The businesses that are new to automation processes rely upon testers unfamiliar with the above fact. They need to understand that creating simple and easily manageable scripts is required for the whole team to test the mobile app.

  • Starting with Larger Tasks 

Despite starting with large tasks, the testers should begin with smaller tasks to make the compatibility testing process more effective and efficient. Initiating the automation process with large tasks can make the task complex and risky, leading to disruptions and financial losses.

  • Opting for Free Tools 

Choosing open-source tools based on cost-effectiveness is a standard error among many businesses. These tools have their limitations and functionality. With direct vendor support, these tools will be able to meet the requirements of your automation process. To combat such challenges, mobile automation testing service providers should integrate open-source with commercial tools to utilize their full potential effectively.

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  • Ignoring ROI

Neglecting the ROI while proceeding with the automated testing processes for the robust mobile app testing is a critical oversight. While making certain investments such as implementation and installation, purchasing additional tools and services, appointing specialized teams, and covering ongoing operational expenses, the testers should consider the ROI. This comprehensive analysis is essential for better ROI in the future. 


Choosing mobile testing services wisely is the most significant step in the cut-throat competitive market where clients expect top-quality products within the deadlines. Besides, thoroughly understanding the needs of the product and the users, along with certain limitations of the tools, is necessary for solid development and performance testing activities.  

TFT is a top-notch and matchless manual testing and automation testing service provider committed to offering supreme and robust mobile application testing to ensure that it will run seamlessly on mobile devices.

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