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October 27th, 2023

Effective Strategies for Combining Manual and Automated Penetration Testing


If you are managing a software development company, then the term “Penetration Testing Services” is familiar to you.

The word Penetration testing is often recognized as “Pentest,” which is widely utilized practice in the software development process. Many companies invest a large amount of money and resources in penetration testing services, as it is a primary security measure for a software product. However, some companies still experience frequent security breaches.

With the advent of modern digital technologies and computer platforms, companies are now able to launch their advanced software products, have agile business models swiftly, ramp up high revenue, and intensify their operational competence. 

Despite this, expediting the deployment of changes has a dual-edged nature. It can have both favorable and unfavorable outcomes. These changes often bring some bugs or security vulnerabilities. Here, proper safeguard is the die-hard need of the product to prevent the flaws, bugs, and other risks of hacking. You can also read our guide to penetration testing and cyber security risks.

To make a robust safeguard for a software product, the integration of manual and automated penetration testing is required to form a powerful strategy for enhancing security measures.

So, here, in this blog, we will be discussing the effective strategies to combine manual and automated pen testing.   

Strengthen Security with a Hybrid Approach: Manual and Automated Penetration Testing Services. 

The perfect combination of manual and automation penetration testing services makes a comprehensive and effective safety strategy. Let us see how:

  • Data Collection: Initially, the collection of the company’s data and its IT infrastructure is required on the basis of its engagement scope, whether it falls under a black-box, white-box, or grey-box testing scenario.
  • Extensive Coverage: A network scan will be conducted to spot the potential vulnerabilities via automated scanning tools to locate the potential problems. Here, adopting only manual testing services will not be feasible. Therefore, this step is paramount.
  • Red Teaming: Now, the red teaming process will be carried forward in which a cyber-security team will adopt the role of adversaries to exploit these critical vulnerabilities and enhance the cyber security controls.
  • Elevate Offensive Actions: To mimic threats such as APTs and implement advanced attack techniques, pen testers seize the opportunity to execute vertical privilege escalation and lateral movements with the motive of identifying new vulnerabilities and preventing the system and data that might be actually hacked.  
  • Generate Report: The final report will be prepared, mentioning the tactics that are implemented to breach the system and the extent of the exploit’s severity. Certain testers can suggest remediation, but it’s completely the decision of the company to conduct those remedial steps or not. On the contrary, businesses can hire different penetration testing services for testing and remediation during the process of their product development.

Leveraging automated testing tools in pen testing can help penetration testers detect security issues during the entire process of software product development. Pen testers can focus on intricate vectors before deploying the production updates and optimize both time and cost.

Let us know about one advanced automated penetration testing tool here:

Unlocking Web Security: Detectify’s Comprehensive Solutions 

Detectify is a state-of-the-art technology for penetration testing tools, especially structured to ramp up the security posture. With the help of this tool, collaboration with the ethical hacking community for converting cutting-edge security discoveries into vulnerability assessments becomes easy. This simplification allows you to conduct exclusive security research, evaluating the web applications for over oodles of identified vulnerabilities.

The Synergistic Power of Detectify: Boosting your Penetration Testing Strategy

Now, you must be curious: how does Detectify help in penetration testing services?

So, let us enlighten you here:

  • User-Friendly Experience 

Detectify is a simplified, automated tool-to-use interface incorporated with renowned developer tools, team collaboration features, and insightful reports to simplify security work for the entire team.

  • Formulated by Ethical Hackers for Tech Teams 

Detectify provides the authorization to seamlessly integrate Security into the workflow regardless of the role of the developers in vendor management, dev ops, or development Security.

  • Using the vast knowledge of detectify with code examples helps the team to know about the network security principles and foster the development of secure code.
  • Establish smooth security vulnerabilities before rolling out new code to the production environment.
  • Magnify the workflow efficiency with detectify’s integration abilities entailing tools viz. HipChat, JIRA, Slack, Zapier, PagerDuty. These tools will allow you to monitor the website’s security status.
  • Perks from ongoing updates are frequently induced into the scanner to bolster the security defenses.

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The most effective approach to the penetration testing of a software product is the combination of automation testing services and manual testing services for perfect validation and analysis. This approach ensures comprehensive vulnerability detection and provides the supreme level of security assurance.

TFT has offered impeccable penetration testing services via experienced technical staff for years to provide you with robust software development support. So, if you are browsing to get associated with skilled testing experts, then hurry up! Contact us now.

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