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December 2nd, 2019

5 Things to Check While Testing the Coding Skills When Hiring


Coding assessment has become the most important thing to be judged and checked while employing people nowadays. This is an essential step in the technical recruiting process. The main issue faced by employers is to find qualified employees and 60% of them feel the same issue. This has led to a large number of mis-hires among the people while performing the recruitment process. The main issue is that people who are good on the technical part are not always good at the selling or the marketing part. This poses to be a great problem. Such people are good only at their own jobs and not on anything else.

Another issue is that people show their resume as a very shining one but in actual realities, they do not possess the skills mentioned in the resume. They always fail to justify and prove themselves. The shiny resume does nothing but only disappoints people and the recruiters. There are mainly 5 things that need to be focused upon while selecting the people for the coding part. They have been mentioned as follows:

  1. Go in-depth into the programmer portfolio: All of the people in this sector have the programmer portfolios whether they are junior or experienced but they all have some of the other things to show to the recruiters. They are the best ways to showcase the skills one possesses with them. These are the major changes in forming an impression on the people who are going to employ people. All the portfolios can be made in all shapes and sizes which can depend upon the managerial capabilities and the competencies. They help to show the level of employees and the skills they possess even the talents those people have and why should only they be selected for the job. The main key to success is good communication. This helps to justify the candidate’s abilities and skills they possess. With good communication, one can make an everlasting impression on the people and this will even help them to secure the jobs so that they can justify the things written in the resume. One can always go into in-depth conversations with regard to the portfolios or the projects they have undertaken. This will help to check the actual personality traits of the individuals.
  2. Taking look at their online accounts: There are various online accounts of the developers where they put their projects online so that the things they want to display can get a platform and those can be properly displayed. These serve as the online showrooms for the display of the projects they have done. This is quite important and relevant to have this as this can be used to check the references they have given. One must consider the number of followers they have which will be a sign of reputation. The dates on which those people have joined the organization so that they can check the progress till now. The relevant keywords can also be searched for under this. The number of contributions can also be checked in case they have made any. It provides the platform to check how formally they can collaborate with people and how friendly they are in terms of relations.
  3. Asking about the stack overflows: This is the simplest form of programming possessed by the computers. The recruiters can ask the candidate about the projects which they have undertaken and how things have gone under them. This helps to check the wealth and the knowledge of the candidates effectively and efficiently. One can even get to know about the reputation of the candidates in the market which is a major factor for employing them. Users that have a high reputation have more chances of getting selected as compared to others.
  4. Get coding done live: Live coding interviews are the most preferred option under these things. This is the most important factor which is considered while employing any person. These are the best source of information for the recruiters. They allow having logic about the candidates and their ability to explain what they are doing and why they are doing so. The main thing considered is the ability to perform under pressure. They even not only judge the capabilities but also how one performs using several things which can prove to be fruitful while doing other things as well. This is a combination of communication and capability testing. This is done by a screen where the applicant is given a task and they are told to complete it. The aim is not to give the correct answer as soon as possible but the aim is to adopt a proper procedure in order to arrive at a conclusion so that the best of the method can be adapted to perform the task. It also involves some question answering on the basis of the problem given to them which is to be solved and this should not panic the interviewee and he must be confident enough in order to solve the problem. The exercise is not with the aim to present a neat and clean code which is a perfect one but allows both the parties to have a better understanding of each other as well as the situation so that the overall goals are achieved.
  5. Tests of programming: These are the best methods to screen the candidates. The candidates perform various tasks that enable the recruiters to screen the people among them so that the best ones among them can be selected and rest can be sent back. Tech recruiters give them various difficult tasks as well so that they can judge them on the basis of work allocated to them. These tests also provide the experience to both the recruiters as well as the people appearing for the interviews.

One must keep such things in mind while selecting the best people for the organization with the help of coding assessment so that there is no chaos next time they do so and the right people are employed at the right jobs to achieve the goals.

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