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December 3rd, 2019

6 Ways To Speed Up Your Mobile App Development In 2020


Previously, the mobile app development was considered complex, challenging, and time taking the task. But, now with the help of the latest technologies, trends and app builders’ efforts are less and synchronization is proper.

Today, mobile application developers in USA do not suffer much in coding. Furthermore, their schedules aren’t much hectic and they are able to complete projects before the deadline.

It is all possible due to the usage of the right app development methods that keeps the speed and quality of the app at priority.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to survive the competition. This is mainly because the app development process in their companies is slow.

As a result, customers or clients keep their budget of mobile app development cost minimum. Due to this, many startups of mobile app development services end up within 6 months of their start.

Nowadays, hundreds of mobile apps like eCommerce app, gaming apps, entertainment apps, etc are popping up in the market every day. However, if their process of development is slow then the company, customers, clients all of them will suffer.

As a top custom mobile application development services in the USA, we don’t want this to happen. Hence, to support our fellow competitors we have researched 6 ways to speed up your mobile app development in 2020.

This guide will help you to increase efficiency and speed while developing an app for the clients. Let’s get started and see, what we have today in our pandora’s box!

Most Of The Mobile App Developers Do Not Focus On MVP!

Many mobile app development companies commit a common mistake of releasing a fully developed better say a mature app. They don’t focus on app elements that help in building app presence in the market.

In order to develop a successful quality app, your focus should be on customer required features. We call this MVP – Minimum Viable Products.

“Minimum Viable Products establishes the special presence of your application.”

Once your focus is on MVP, the users only get a sneak peek about your apps. This generates curiosity, they calculate their benefits from your apps. In return, they give you feedback, and then you make changes according to their needs.

After this, you stick your development process to those right measures of improvement and updates which makes your application more robust. This is known as agile development.

We are not someone who talks in the air! You can have examples of apps that use the MVP process. Airbnb, MailChimp, apps were well tested by MVP.

Before you take the plunge, a clear and broad understanding of the customer’s reactions and requirements is important. This is how MVP highlights your idea of an application and you make a quality app with customer requirements.

Use Wireframes To Design

Getting to know the information architecture of your application that you want to create is important. And wireframes designing is the best concept you can follow to speed up your mobile app development next year.

Every time a customer approaches a mobile application developer, developers first focus on design then jumps to app development. Wireframing decides the direction of your app development.

If you do not consider the design or say wireframing, then two things will happen:

  • First, visual designing direction disturbs and cause more confusion
  • Second, the timeline of app development will increase

Wireframes are helpful in speeding the development process, Thus, low fidelity wireframes are good for app development. Many top mobile app developers in the USA use wireframes to design app before starting development.

Regarding this, you must consult a good mobile app development company.

Let’s Outsource A Good Company!

Relying on individual developers will always slow down your development process. Thus, outsourcing mobile app development services is the best way to increase the development speed.

Furthermore, taking more help from in-house app developers of a certain company is a great idea!

Outsourcing a development company will keep you free from the development process. Consequently, you will work more on features, and future versions. Companies have people with different skill sets and they handle all issues, errors, problems with ease.

That’s why outsourcing a good or say top mobile app development company is a good solution.

NOTE: You must have learned about native & hybrid app development! If the native is limited to one platform, let’s say Android or iOS, then a hybrid is to both Android & iOS.

“There are many app development platforms like Flutter, Iconic, Xamarian, PhoneGap, etc. that builds native and hybrid, both types of apps.”

Agile Development Speed Up Your App Development Process

Agile development is all about using the software, technologies, and latest trends to get better productive results. Around 70% of mobile app development companies claim to use this process as no company wants to take risks of developing the app all over again.

With much more flexible software for mobile app development agile development builds open-ended communication between app developers and app owners. Thus, it accelerates the development process.

Yes, Testing & Automation Is Crucial!

Automated testing is the last phase of mobile app development. App development companies run a set of tasks. They have specialized software for this purpose.

This is how technology is able to save time. Otherwise, previously people use ton perform manual testing. But with the use of software and technology, mobile app developers also enhances the security of mobile apps;

“If the testing process is faster than the app development process will be fast too. After all, getting an error-free code is very important.”

Therefore, don’t forget to embrace these app development methodologies because they help you to launch the app at the right time.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner in mobile app development, then these methods are a good fit for your learning part. They will help you to shoot up the app development process.

Get equipped with cutting-edge technological solutions of top custom mobile application development services in the USA and implement the idea of your mobile app.

Author Bio

James Burns is the Founder and CEO of CMS Website Services, a globally top custom mobile application development services in the USA. With 10+ years of experience in designing, development, implementation & maintenance of high quality global redundant, compliance-ready applications, network and Data Centers for private and Govt organizations, I have all solutions to your IT problems as a tech-business person.

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