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January 24th, 2022

Top 7 Trends In Web Development That You Must Know In 2022


The web development industry is rapidly changing, making it more difficult for companies to compete in the fastest-growing market for digital services. Therefore, staying up to date with the latest developments in web development has become essential for companies to stay ahead of the curve in the long term. This is particularly true for those who want to stay ahead of the pack by launching a robust web application. However, identifying the most effective developments for web design that benefit your business is the greatest challenge that companies have to overcome.

The performance of websites can have a direct impact on the bottom line. This article will look at the technology that will be the most well-known in web development by 2022. You’ll notice that certain trending technologies will be around as they develop as other technologies pop out to improve the user experience.

  1. Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots

As we saw in the past, Artificial Intelligence keeps improving in the sense that it makes our jobs easier to complete and more efficient. It is not difficult to see the requirement of Artificial Intelligence to stay functional and have access to the most pertinent and valuable data that we can apply to our benefit. In simple terms, AI does the heavy lifting, and we don’t need to do it.

Already, Artificial Intelligence is being used extensively in customer service functions through chatbots. Their capabilities are expanding every day, and it is predicted that they’ll soon be taking control of support management positions too. Naturally, this allows companies to reduce the expense of hiring managers and concentrate their efforts on other areas.

  1. Dark Mode

Dark mode has grown in popularity and is expected to rise with its attractive design. According to a study by Android Authority, 81.9% of the respondents agreed that they have dark mode enabled on their smartphones, and 9.9 percent of respondents said they switched between light and dark mode.

In simple terms, Dark mode is a color scheme that uses lighter-colored text or UI elements against dark backgrounds in order to lessen eye strain during the night or in a dark area. The most important thing is to conserve battery life. In this mode, the UI ensures that the screen has the minimal contrast ratio that a screen on a device needs for the best readability.

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  1. PWA (Progressive Web Applications)

A progressive web application (PWA) can be described as a site that behaves and appears like an application for mobile phones. PWAs are designed to benefit from the native features of mobile devices without the user having to go to an app store, purchase a product and then download the software locally. Instead, the PWA is found using an internet search query and then accessed instantly via the browser. One of the most impressive aspects is that the loading times are similar to those of the computer, which increases the user’s convenience.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages are among the most popular web-related trends of the moment, and it is expected to be the norm in 2022, too. The purpose of AMP is to speed up the loading time of websites quicker and reduce bounce rates of websites. It’s also ideal to use animation or video content because it doesn’t load when it is activated. The pages are optimized, and they are fast to load and feature a simple design, with just minimal features when compared with full-size web pages. They are gaining popularity because they’re mobile-friendly, and their content is easily read. The latest trends like AMP were created to help users enjoy their online experiences with fast loading speeds and user-friendly processes.

A well-designed custom web development plan for your company using AMP will result in a more easy-to-use solution for your users which means that they will spend more time on your site and an improved ranking compared to the competitors.

  1. Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture has already dominated the market and is the most rapidly growing cloud computing model. By using such a model, software developers are able to concentrate on their programming instead of administration of the infrastructure, including scaling and maintenance. Therefore, apps built using serverless models are able to be implemented within just a few hours. Serverless architecture has helped many companies and organizations to deliver highly scalable applications at a low cost. The benefits are undeniably the most effective reason for companies investing in serverless technology.

  1. Voice Search Technology

This technology has created an incredible advancement in the world of technology by creating a bridge between humans and technology. Voice search is designed to provide quicker and more precise results than text search. Web Speech API with a speech synthesizer and speech recognition features allow integration of voice search capabilities into any web-based application.

With the growing popularity of voice search on the market, it’s not a surprise that voice search technology will soon be the dominant technology and open up new opportunities for business.

  1. Motion UI

Motion UI is a Saas library that lets you create animations, transitions, and CSS animations, enhancing the user experience through its appealing and user-friendly design. This library, which comes with many built-in animations and transitions and customizing them, allows developers to create an engaging user interface. Motion UI library includes a variety of animation design components that are used with all Javascript frameworks. Flinto Origami Mockplus Cloud and Adobe After Effects are some tools for creating animation. But only experienced web designers and developers are able to create the most effective use of motion-based user interfaces.

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is essentially an open, distributed ledger technology that enables secure online transactions, removing any middleman in the network. It eliminates the lengthy paperwork process of the network and facilitates faster trading and transactions by automatizing manual procedures. As a result, a number of large and reputable organizations and banks are making progress towards blockchain implementation. Google Doc is one of the most effective examples of the workings of blockchain. It provides greater transparency, making it possible for all network participants to use the same documents instead of having individual copies.


In this blog, we’ve reviewed the most recent developments in the field of web development that could change how businesses interact with their clients. Each technology comes with its own set of capabilities that will increase the revenue of your business and increase customer satisfaction.

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