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November 23rd, 2021

Top IT Automation Tools that you must know in 2022


IT automation refers to the process of developing programs to replace repetitive IT processes and decrease the need for manual intervention. Through IT automation, companies can speed up the development of IT infrastructure and software by automating manual processes that used to require human intervention. The technology is used to create and then repeat procedures and instructions to reduce time and free employees to do more.

What exactly is IT automation software?

IT automated software is a potent tool that can help grow a company, save costs, and enable IT personnel to focus on strategic instead of administrative work. An array of data centers and other processes can be automated, resulting in tasks being quickly completed. Thanks to the automation of programs, the IT environment can expand quickly, with less errors, and are more adaptable to the demands of the business. Fully automated environments could reduce times to delivery of production-ready resources from weeks to just a few hours.

Here’s a list of top IT Automation tools that you need to be aware of in 2022.

1. Broadcom CA Automic

It’s an incredibly robust digital business automation platform. CA Automic offers SAP Automation, Big Data Automation, Workload Automation, Self-service Automation, and more.


  1. It aids in the management of workflows that run from microservice to mainframe.
  2. You can also speed up your Oracle E-Business Suite through CA Automic.
  3. Integration SAP Solution Manager, SAP FCc Integration with SAP Solution Manager, SAP FCc SAP Business Objects.
  4. It ensures zero downtime upgrades.

It allows for the complete automation of different procedures that can be used across SAP or non-SAP platforms.

2. Microsoft System Center

Microsoft System Center makes it easier to manage deployment, configuration, and monitoring of infrastructure. Its Data Center Edition is excellent for managing virtual servers, and the Standard Edition is great for physical servers.


  1. It also provides protection for endpoints.
  2. It also includes Virtual Machine Manager as well as Operations Manager.

The program can manage a huge amount of servers or workstations. According to reviews by customers on numerous sites, it comes with an impressive list of features and is the most efficient alternative in Patch Management.

3. ActiveBatch

ActiveBatch is among the most effective IT automation tools in the market. It’s a great tool to automate, integrate, and streamline your complete IT process. It has automation capabilities that make it easier to create IT workflows up to 50% faster. In order to ensure smooth integration of and the coordination of IT Process Automation tasks, it offers workflow automation that is low-code and drag-and-drop capabilities.


  1. You can cut down on idle time and boost the efficiency of your job with its powerful, event-driven architecture and customizable scheduling options for date/time.
  2. It provides a process modeling feature that can assist developers in designing and testing workflows prior to production.
  3. It is equipped with Intelligent Automation Tools that utilize Machine Learning as well as AI.
  4. ActiveBatch’s tools for managing change ActiveBatch assists in managing the objects in various scheduling environments.

ActiveBatch comes with features that assist users in keeping track of and controlling IT environments distributed across the globe. ActiveBatch also allows users to develop and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

4. SMA OpCon

If you’re looking to make it easier to execute essential Financial Institution operations, then SMA OpCon is the best option. It can provide capabilities such as ACH processing, day-end processing, and sharing draft/checking account operations. With OpCon, it is capable of performing repetitive chores.


  1. It assists you in integrating using connectors to Symitar, Fiserv, and Corelation.
  2. It is also possible to have live monitoring and audits of each step.
  3. It also allows users to get rid of manual key-entry errors.
  4. Fully automatizes disaster recovery completely.

OpCon is an efficient and scalable way to automate crucial business processes. It speeds up digital transformation through the integration of systems apps, people, and systems throughout the organization.

5. Chef

Chef is a robust configuration based on policies management automation software designed for DevOps teams. It ensures that every system is properly configured. Chef defines infrastructure as a program that makes the process of managing settings and system state automatized and easily testable. Automatic correction of drift in configuration and the universal implementation of changes in the configuration is a guarantee of this program.


  1. It provides simple, explicit definitions of tasks that can be easily expanded to meet specific environmental needs.
  2. It configures the systems according to the desired configuration and ensures that each system is properly configured and in a consistent manner.
  3. Implement policy by coordinating your system to the policy declared by the diverse resources.
  4. You can check and verify the state of the system, both intended and actual, across all systems.
  5. With this program, you can carry out ad-hoc remote-configuration tasks, remote scanning to test dependencies and software, and more.

It’s a great automated tool for configuration management on Windows, Linux, Mac, and many more. It ensures that the policy for configuration is adaptable, scalable, and testable. It is also readable for humans.

6. Ansible

Ansible is a straightforward and agentless IT automation platform that offers the simplest method to automate applications and IT infrastructure. It can deploy tasks, manage systems, and simplify automation. It is used to manage Application Deployment, Configuration Management, and Continuous Delivery.


  1. It handles complicated deployments and increases the efficiency of the team.
  2. It is available to anyone.

Ansible is an excellent enterprise automation tool that can be used across all IT environments.

Final thoughts:

IT automation software is utilized to generate reproducible procedures and instructions to substitute or decrease the interaction of humans in IT-related systems. IT automation tools allow modern, agile IT environments to expand more efficiently. These are some of the top IT automation tools in the marketplace that can be used to automate the entire process of IT.

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