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November 22nd, 2021

Why is Crowdtesting great for eCommerce Companies?


It’s not surprising that eCommerce websites are governed through their user interface. Ensuring your site or application is working properly is essential to generating sales and keeping your customers satisfied. However, eCommerce QA testing can be a long-winded labor-intensive, and time-consuming process. A lot of eCommerce teams have to maintain hundreds, or even thousands, of pages and a myriad of hyperlinks and visual elements.

Are you looking for a method to decrease your eCommerce testing time without compromising your customers’ experience? Crowdtesting is a scalable testing tool that can fill the gaps left by conventional QA testing methods.

Here are three reasons to consider why crowd testing is the ideal solution to ensure that your eCommerce website impresses your customers each and every day.

1. Crowdtesting is flexible enough for testing dynamic user interfaces

eCommerce websites typically have visual interfaces that depend on videos and images. They are also active, with new items and new offerings coming infrequently. Although these features are crucial in attracting buyers, creating and maintaining automated tests is more difficult. As such, automated tests are usually too fragile to be effective in testing the ever-changing interface of eCommerce.

Contrary to automated tests, crowdsourced tests depend on a huge number of highly experienced testers to execute. The ability of the testers to assess and interpret changes makes crowd testing more flexible than automated testing and is well-suited for tests that are likely to alter in time. 

2. Crowdtesting provides scalable Cross-Browser as well as Cross-Device Access

Data gathered by Google has revealed that 85 percent of customers will utilize several devices to investigate products before purchasing. This behavior of buying across devices makes seamless cross-device and browser testing a significant issue to eCommerce designers. Customers should enjoy an excellent experience on your website regardless of the device or browser they’re using.

3. The Crowd is more closely modeled after the End-User

Website bugs can cause an immediate and direct effect on sales, which is why smoke testing during production is essential. The extremely visual interfaces of eCommerce websites are optimized for the human eye. Ensuring the most important elements of your user flow, like the secure checkout process, can decrease your shopping cart’s abandonment and increase returning customers.

Crowdtesting mimics how your users would experience your product. This is a great method to identify UX problems. Testers are able to spot problems that might not be technical issues but could affect your user’s experience. In addition, as an added benefit, crowd testing can bring new eyes to UI and help avoid fatigue in the developers that could make your team forget about problems.

Testing QA for eCommerce Sites 

If you incorporate crowd testing into your QA method, it will allow you to reduce the amount of manual testing that your team needs to conduct and increase the confidence you have that your website is working properly. If you’re looking for a reliable and skilled software testing company, then TFT is the right choice for you. TFT offers a range of offshore testing services that ensures your software or website is ready to go live on a million devices without any glitch or error. 

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