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May 10th, 2019

Wearable Technology: Its Place in Workplace Wellness


Wearable plays a vital role in the workplace well being. Gradually the companies are moving towards digital channels for the well being of their employees. With the use of answerable like fitness trackers, employers are not only able to detect the pattern of work out but also track the location of their employees.

By the use of wearable in the workplace, employees can have better control over the health. They can track the health metrics on a regular basis which makes them feel energized to follow a healthy lifestyle. On the other side, the employer can track the location of the employees to know if they are going to the gym to work out every day or not. By monitoring every employee closely, employers can try giving incentives to the desiring people who worth it.

However, there is some risk involved in using wearable in the workplace for employee well being as the employees can claim that they are being tracked through GPS every time when they are not in the office. It can hamper their privacy. Still looking at their benefits for making people healthy & productive, these risk issues can be neglected. Let’s talk about how wearable & corporate wellness programs both collaboratively work together to make employees healthy and fit:

Giving health ownership:

By buying employees the wearable, companies give them ownership of their health & fitness. It will make them aware of how much work out they do every day that eventually tends to take necessary healthy actions by them. Employers expect the best output of giving health responsibilities to their employees themselves. With this approach, employers can empower most of the population in terms of well being.

Wearable as a Non-Monetary Incentive:

Employers can offer wearable to their employees as an incentive as a part of their corporate wellness program. In the wellness program, if employees participate in a workout challenge to achieve a specific health goal, they can be rewarded with this incentive once they hit the target. Employers would be happy with this kind of award as there is not much cost involved in it. And most important, offering incentives for healthy activities can help them create a healthy culture at the workplace.

Make a Use of Wearable Data:

The health metrics recorded through wearable has the risk of being modified by employers. In order to avoid this risk, the metrics data can be shared with any third party vendors who are wearable development companies so they can write a computer software program to collect and make the data more secure. This will eventually protect the employers as the employers will not have access to each individual’s health data.

To summarize, it can be the most effective way to include in your corporate wellness program. There are many clients of Truworth Wellness who are successfully using wearable as a part of their employee well-being journey. They have reported that using digital devices for improving the health, works in a funny way which is accepted by their population easily without imposing the work out habits.

To join any wellness program, you can also use the app ‘the wellness corner’ and connect it with any wearable device. The user can easily sync their personal health data with the wearable. After syncing properly, the device can upload your health data on a daily basis. In this way, they can track how much activity has been done so far and how much they have to walk more to make their heart rate better. The employer can also keep a track of their employees in terms of the amount of time spent in physical activity, nutrition, stress patterns on a regular basis.

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