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May 15th, 2019

Whatsapp Hack- A Call That Broke The Software


Nowadays, we are so dependent on various technologies that we cannot imagine our lives without our cell phones or laptops but what we do not know is that using all these creates an enormous data which are used by the companies for their business. Mobile applications are the major source for this. Today we have replaced messages with calls as this saves a lot of time and there is always a written proof of the chat.

Whatsapp is the major player in this area. But who could think, a company such as Whatsapp which ensures the security of our messages and data by providing the end to end encryption can be vulnerable in terms of security. It took only one infected WhatsApp call for the hacker to go through your calls, texts and other data irrespective of whether you accept or reject the call. Your phone’s camera can also be activated and various frauds can be conducted. What is scary about this is the hacker is allowed to install spyware through the voice call which can give him the access of all the data of the customer such as e-mails, call logs, photos, etc. without even the knowledge of the user. According to Financial Times, Israeli cyber intelligence company NSP Group developed the spyware. A company boasting 1.5 billion users is also not safe today.

Whatsapp is the most used app for personal as well as business purposes. It surely contains huge data which if leaked can be used for various malicious purposes. The Facebook-owned messaging app has asked the customers to update the app as they have added certain security features so that the breach should not continue. Data, as we are aware, is one of the biggest assets a company can have. Its security is equally important otherwise this asset if leaked can cause huge losses. Vulnerabilities of one’s software carrying all the data can adversely affect both the company and the users.

Hence, it is very important to safeguard your website and mobile application. After all, Prevention is always better than cure. Here’s when security testing comes into the picture. Security testing is one of the types of software testing which helps in removing the vulnerabilities of the software. It helps to safeguard the data from the possible intruders. It is a kind of regular check-up of your website or application. We at Think Future Technologies, having an experience of more than 13 years in this area, understand the need and importance of security testing. We have expertise in this area with clients across the globe.

Let’s partner and do not let your software vulnerabilities affect your business.

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